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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Dragon Will Be FINE!

I finally got this to work, whooo hoooo! Dragon has already called me, a little loopy, but fine and in great spirits (teee heee). She is lucid and comfortable. Surgery only took about 40 minutes. The surgeon was one of the tops. She has a private room and a menu for what she can have and she is doing just super. Knew y'all would want to know and now I can fall apart. Don't know when she'll be home yet but I will let you know and soon as I do. Don't know when she can sit at a computer yet either. Thanks for all of your support and blessings and blessings be returned in full. I'm cooking when she comes home and so she's having to choose what she wants. (grin) Housemouse roomie.


Thanks for letting us know, Randy! I knew she was going to be great - and so much happier now too! :-D Glad to hear it was easy as far as surgery's go.
It's so thoughtful of you to let us know! Thank you. :)

I'm so glad that she's doing fine - I knew she would be, but I do tend to be a bit of a worry-wart just the same.

Tell her that Gale says "Hi!" and that I've been thinking about her all day long!
Good to hear! I hope her recovery goes as well as the surgery :)
I'm so relieved to know that she's doing well! Please, send her my love!
Good to hear she's doing fine. Thanks for letting us know!