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whatever happens

April 2017

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where's the rum

I'm baaaaack!

I got home on Monday afternoon, and I'm doing really well. I can do nearly everything for myself, the exceptions being driving, carrying things easily, and dealing with the German shepherds. I do get tired and sore pretty quickly, but I get stronger every day.

One thing I can't do yet, blast it, is sit at the computer for more than about 10 minutes. So this will be short. Thanks, everyone, for your good wishes and words before the surgery - they worked!! And thanks for welcoming me back to my world.


It's great to have you back, dear! ♥
Hooray!!! Welcome back! The worst is over. Now, you get to look forward to the actual benefits of the surgery. ^_^
*glomps you*

I'm glad things are going so well for you! I've been thinking about you all week and sending good thoughts your way. *big hugs*
Yay! I'm so glad you're back, Kat, and better than ever, yes? :-D Of course, I always knew that you were going to come through with flying colors. :-)

While you continue to rest up, you must, must, MUST read Rick Riordan's new Camp Half Blood Book. It's called "The Lost Hero" and it picks up 8 months after "The Last Olympian". I just finished it and it was brilliant!
I am so (so, so, sooooo) far behind, but I am also SO glad you are back home and better, and that things seem to have gone well! Huge hugs! ♥