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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Another progress report, if y'all aren't tired of hearing about my new hip. Today I walked up the street, about two blocks, plus went to the post office and did a little housecleaning. I've gone from a walker to crutches to one crutch, and I am now using just a cane - and can actually get around pretty good without it for short distances.

Funny, but several people (not just you, G!) told me the staples wouldn't hurt when they were removed. WRONG. Also, several people told me that I would throw up from the anesthesia, but I didn't. In fact, I woke up in the Recovery Room feeling so good, I wanted to jump up and go to work! I do wish I remembered a bit more, though - while in pre-op, they gave me an anti-anxiety drug, and I passed right out. Like, immediately. Boom.

It still weirds me out a bit to know that I'm carrying around a few pounds of titanium inside my body. Another odd thing is that, although I can remember having had about eight years of pain, including a year of pretty intense and constant pain, the memory is abstract. I have no real memory of the pain itself. I feel perfectly natural in my current state. I thought I'd be filled with bliss at being pain-free, but my mind seems to have just accepted that.

Walking is made only a little more difficult because my body "tilts" still. The leg bone was so warped that my right leg hung straight down instead of off to the side like it's supposed to, and now that I'm not sinking on the right side, I lurch a lot to the left. That, too, shall pass. I'm doing my exercises like a good girl, and I get better every day.

Got the bill, though. Talk about pain!

At least now I can sit for long periods of time. I've gone back to outlining my Nano novel. Just a few more days to get it complete!


So happy to hear all this, Kat! Your recovery has gone so well. I think I was one of the people who told you that you would throw up... since I did. A lot. But, they overdosed me. I had the worst time waking up and staying awake and when I finally did, I was very sick.

Somtimes it's very good the way our bodies are hard wired.
I'm really glad things went, and continue to go smoothly for you. *huggles*
I'm really happy to hear that you're doing so well, Kat!
When I went in for my breast reduction they gave me an anti anxiety thing to knock me out and I remember asking her how long it would take to work and she said, "You'll see in a about a minute." She looked at the clock and then said, "How do you feel?" My reply was a giggle. The last thing I remember was crawling over to a table, seeing the doctor and then I woke up to some lady that I informed looked like one of my salon managers that I had. Then the guy who was rolling me back to my room was informed by me that I had new boobies. The joys of anesthesia.

I'm glad that you are pain free now. I know how it is to live with a constant pain. I hope you have a speedy recovery!