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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Two nice things happened today.

First, The Lazy Bachelor was accepted by my ebook publisher! She said it was error-free (thank you to all my beta readers!), and now I just have to return the contract. Wheeeee! And she has already begun reading Cecilia and the Rake, and tells me that she is sure she will want that one, too.

Second, I went out to the barn today. I've been going outside often, because after the hospital stay, the feel of the sun on my skin is bliss, but I didn't have the courage to go over all that rough ground to the barn until this morning. It was difficult, but wonderful. The horses all came to greet me. I haven't seen them for three weeks, and it was so good to pet them and kiss their soft noses. They were very cool, kinda, "Oh, it's you. Welcome back, glad to see you. Are you feeding us now? No? Shucks." I sat on a bucket out there, waiting for the water tub to fill, and I felt that at last I was home. Our property may be nothing but a bunch of mud and weeds, but I belong here, and today I really felt that. I was so contented, I think I was smiling like the Cheshire cat.


Wonderful. ♥

I do hope that I’ll find my own little patch of heaven one day.
That makes total sense. It's your mud. It's your weeds. It's your patch of earth and here you can make your stand, against whatever life throws at you. It's home.
Aw, well thats good to hear! :) Also, I'm glad the tornado missed you!!

I miss you too, but in a totally different kind of way... ;_;