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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I've been back to work since Monday, and it doesn't seem to be putting any great strain on me. It's been really good for my ego, because everyone is happy that I'm back! It's funny, but a lot of people - including, apparently, my doctor - thought I would be out at least another week. But I was eager to get back to work. I needed a release from my doctor, who wasn't immediately available, so I bullied the nurse into getting me an appointment at 7:30 Monday AM with a PA. He was startled, too, when I told him it had only been 4 weeks since the surgery and I was wanting to go back to work. But since I felt good and ready to work, he gave me the release, along with a lot of good advice about what not to do with my new joint. I already knew most of it, but I still listened carefully. I'd rather be told the same thing a dozen times than to miss something that'll cause the hip to pop out of joint. ew.

I figured that, with the buses and the long commute and a full day's work, I'd be sooo tired by the end of the day, but I haven't been. I mean, not any more than the normal amount of sleepiness that comes from waking up at 4 AM. Take away chronic pain, and it's amazing what you can endure.

We still have the neighbors helping with the horses, since it's slippery/muddy out at the barn. They've been an enormous help. I don't know what we would have done without them!


Take away chronic pain, and it's amazing what you can endure.

I can't even imagine it.

I'm SO glad that you are finally free of most of the chronic pain that you've endured for so long, and that you are transitioning back to work so well. :) *big hugs* I'm SO glad that this whole procedure has gone so well and that it's already yielding results in giving you a better quality of life.
I know I don't always get a response in in a timely manner, but I've been reading your journal generally as soon as you post and I'm so glad to hear that you're doing so well. I knew that you would. You're a fighter after all. When you've lived with pain for so long, the recovery process is a breeze in comparison. :-)