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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I've been so busy being Catherine Dove and writing my novel that I've been forgetting I have another life. So lets see, what have I been doing over the past 10 days that does not involve writing?

I suppose the biggest thing is that I took Paris and Tater Tot to the vet to be neutered. Paris was so depressed that I cried when I said goodbye to her. She wouldn't even lift her head or wag her tail when I petted her. (Tater just glared at me when I tried to pet him.) But I picked them up again the very next day, and now we're all happy again. Both seem to be recovering without any problems.

The other big thing is that we had to replace our entire sewer line. Not only was it hideously expensive, but it was two days of mess and chaos. The worst was that we had to keep the dogs in the whole day, both days. Two German shepherds confined in one kitchen is hard on the poor babies. And they were so good, too! Anyway, we still have some plumbing work to be done in the kitchen, but the sewer is finished. Whew.

I had a quiet birthday - I really won't celebrate it with cake until tomorrow. My roomie helped me buy the new monitor I needed, for my birthday present, and also some yarn for my next football afghan, and she also gave me an organic cotton sleep shirt which came in very handy when we had the weird heat wave that just ended. (All my summer clothes are packed away.)

Randi had to work today, so no Thanksgiving, either. But our plumber and his wife stopped by - he knew we didn't plan to cook, so they brought us leftovers! I just love small towns. Now I'm just waiting for Randi to get home so we can have a nice and unexpected Thanksgiving dinner.

On the hip recovery, I'm a little concerned about the wound, which doesn't seem to be healing as well as I'd like, but the leg and hip are fine. I've almost completely lost the limp, and I can do so many things so much more easily now! My next, and I hope last, visit to my surgeon will be next week. By January I should be able to do pretty much whatever I want, including (oh bliss) cut my own toenails. Yeah, sometimes it's the little things that count.


So glad to know you're doing well! I'm always happy to hear that things are going your way. Well, for the most part - at least that sewer problem is over, and its good about your hip too!! And yaayy doggies! :)
Your birthday happens to fall on my parents' anniversary. ^_^ Happy belated birthday!

I always feel so guilty when I have to leave a baby overnight to be "surgically altered". I had to do that recently with my newest cat as well.

I'm glad to hear that everything has been going well. The annoyance of the sewer line seems to have been more than countered by all the positive things. :)

And I take it the novel-writing is moving along as well. Do you think you'll be finishing up by the end of November?
I have 48K already, so although I have scheduled off on Monday and Tuesday, I can probably go to work, as I should easily be done by Sunday night. *knock on wood*