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whatever happens

April 2017

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I am SO COLD. Tonight, tomorrow night, and maybe the next night will all have lows that, with the wind chill, will dip below zero. The highs will be in the 20s, it rained, and there's a strong, cold, gusty northwest wind. I'm staying home from work today and tomorrow, to avoid icy roads, but even with all the heaters going full blast in the house, and despite multiple layers of clothing, I am cold. Especially my feet, which feel like 5-toed popsicles.

My roomie stayed home from work today, too, and we spent a lot of time outside putting blankets on the horses. Normally that doesn't take so very long, but we double-blanketed them, for one thing. Also, we spent about twenty minutes just trying to open the gates, as all the brass snaps were frozen. I used a hammer on them - and broke the flange off one - and then used one of the lighters we have for the heaters. That last worked when the wind was still, but that wasn't very often. The work was hard and pretty grim, even the walk to the barn, which was through part hard ice, part mud, and part very cold puddles. Also, I had to spend more time than usual putting up the horses in the evening, because we're keeping them in the barn while this mess is going on.

We also have no water in the barn - I topped off all the tubs and buckets, and I sure hope that lasts until things thaw! - and the water pipes under the house are in danger of freezing.

February in Texas always makes me think that July in Texas isn't all that bad.


Stay safe (and, most importantly, warm!)