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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Life just keeps getting more and more interesting.

We have no hot water - actually, there's been no hot water in my bathroom for two days, in the kitchen for three days, and today, nowhere in the house. We do have cold water, which some people don't. It's still cold, with a high predicted today of 27. Plus it snowed about 7" on us last night.

Actually, the snow is good. Sorta. The horses can eat the snow for moisture more easily than licking ice, and the walk to the barn has gone from dangerous to hardly even difficult, with that thick padding over the hard-as-rock frozen mud lumps. However, when it melts, the horses and I will be slogging through some pretty miserable mud.

High of 44 tomorrow. Maybe the pipes will thaw and I can get a bath. Last night I had to heat water in the microwave just to get my face washed and my teeth brushed (can't use the water right out of the tap to rinse your mouth - the water's cold enough to crack enamel!).

I've missed four days of work this week. Gak.


I'm sorry you're experiencing such a terrible winter! Everyone here is moaning about it, but they don't know how lucky we are - at least we're equipped to handle it.

I hope it warms up for you soon! *hugs*
I kept hearing all the horrible weather reports from Dallas before the Super Bowl and thinking of you. I'm so sorry all this yuck dumped on you!!

I sincerely wish you could move here! Most people have been bitching around about all the rain we've had... but I think we've only had two or three actual nights below freezing and everything thaws during the day.

*HUGS* *blows some warm winds Kat's way*

So tell me why, again....

...you live in TEXAS???

I think it's time you guys loaded up the truck and moved to Florida. Lots of nice foreclosure properties out here these days. :(

Sending thawing vibes...

Re: So tell me why, again....

Randi doesn't like Florida. I don't know why. I like it a lot!