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whatever happens

April 2017

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brains and cuteness

I got a royalty check today! It was only for about $20, but hey, that's better than nothing. Whenever I get royalty checks, it always feels like I won a contest or something. Free money, I mean. Because I write for my own pleasure/joy and send my books out into the world, not to make money, but in the hopes that someone will read and enjoy them.

Which reminds me, Mr. Harding Proposes got tweeted the other day!

So I'm in a good mood, much enhanced by the fact that it's warm and dry here.

I really do need to get off my ass (or rather, get on it, as in put it in the chair before the computer) and get back to writing.

One of the distractions right now are some computer games, "Fairway Solitaire" (advertises itself as the best solitaire game ever, and I agree), "Puzzle Quest" and "Planet Horse". The second is a quest adventure game which has a pretty neat battle system and pretty bishie character designs. The last seems rather silly, like it's for horse-crazy little girls, but it's actually fun. You don't get to pick what you look like (you're a blonde female), but you can choose from several colors of horse (including a unicorn and a zebra) and several abilities. The graphics are pretty good, and the sound isn't bad either. One thing that impressed me is that when you approach a jump, you have to "pace" your horse using mouse clicks, and the pacing (checking for high jumps, stretching out for wide ones) is accurate. Anyway, I'm having fun with it, and with the solitaire, and a couple of others, and I'm doing that instead of writing.

Another time-consumer of complete delight over the past couple of weeks (after the football season ended) was Avatar: The Last Airbender. I never did get to see the last few episodes - I only saw up to when Zuko and Aang met the dragons. With a gift certificate and my B&N membership (thank you, Z), I was able to buy all three books, and my roomie and I have watched them all in sequence. I thought the show just kept getting better and better, and now that I've seen the ending, I want to start all over again. (Although, dammit, they'd better do a sequel that tells us what happened to Ursa!) I could go on and on about this show, but I'm going to stop now, or this post will be three pages long. However, if anyone wants to make a remark, I'm open to long conversations wallowing in the wonder of Avatar. ("Avatar" to me will always be this show, not the James Cameron thingie.)


Congrats on the royalty check!

And yes, you should get back to your writing!
Congrats on the check!! :)

Did you see the terrible terrible Airbender movie? I did. It was terrible. lol. I really really wanted to give it a fighting chance and check it out and stuff, so I did... But only to find that it was absolutely as bad as everyone made it out to be.. Sad days. :(

Also, did you hear about the spinoff series? I forget the name of it...
I didn't think the LA movie was bad, but I'm about the only one in the universe to say that. Yeah, they were Indian-heavy and kept pronouncing his name Soak-uh instead of Sock-uh, but other than that, it seemed fine to me. Nothing to touch the series, but then, what can?
Well, the game /is/ about the horse, not the rider's fashion sense.... XD

And I'm like you, when you say Avatar to me, it means one thing only, and Cameron's thing isn't it. I actually wondered why he used that title, when it was already so thoroughly taken.
Actually it was the other way around, James Cameron had registered the name "Avatar" for his movie years before Airbender was made. They were able to use it in the TV show, but that's why the live action movie had to drop the "Avatar" from its title, to avoid getting into legal trouble.
Well, darn. I didn't want to hear that! LOL
Really? I didn't know that.
I'm glad you finally got to see the grand finale of A:TLA. I don't know if you've heard, but they are working on another series at the moment. This one is supposed to take place several decades (like a hundred years or so) after the first series and centers around a waterbender named Korra. I'm really curious about it, because Korra is a girl and I've always admired the creators' ability to write strong female characters. It's about time we got an animated action series of this quality with a female lead.
I just read about that here! That would be great, but I wish they'd tie up the loose ends on *this* one first!
I'm hoping we'll get to see some flashbacks about the life of the Gaang after Firelord Ozai was defeated. The creators are well aware they left a huge open end with Zuko's mother, so it'd be great if they addressed it somehow. Maybe not show us the whole journey to find her (some things are more exciting as a mystery), but at least acknowledge it happened in some way.
Congrats on your check! :-D

Yay, I'm glad you were able to get the DVDs, Kat! It's a series that holds up marvelously well on rewatch and the overall quality never ceases to astound me. Truly, one of the best animated series the US has ever created. One of the best period.

I would LOVE to have long conversations about "Avatar". Most people I know have seen it and loved it, but none of them are really discussion types.

All that said, I never thought Season 3 was as good as the literally flawless Season 2 (seriously, how in the hell did they manage to maintain that level of quality and storytelling for that many episodes in a row?!), but the ending was handled beautifully. So many shows and books stumble on the finale, this was perfect.

I'm excited about "Korra" as well and they've promised that the mystery of Ursa will be resolved on that show, but... given my druthers, I would have chosen more tales with the original Gaang as well.

Finally, has there ever been a more delicately constructed episode than "Tales from Ba Sing Se"? I'm not gonna lie, I tear up at the end of Uncle's bit every single time and I've seen it a crazy number of times.

My big regret about the Airbender movie is that it's so mundane. I didn't think it was as horrifically bad as it was crucified to be, but it was boring and confusing - something the show never was - and it turned off a whole bunch of people who will now never give the show a chance and will miss something incredible.

Edited at 2011-02-23 04:56 pm (UTC)

Uncle Iroh

I never fail to get choked up at that, too. Especially when they tell us just then that Mako has died, and they dedicated that episode to him.

The best part about the movie, in my opinion, was the score. But the casting was truly HORRIBLE for some characters. They got Uncle Iroh COMPLETELY wrong. Jeez. Just so wrong wrong wrong. And he is my favorite character of them all. :)
Now let's see....HOW many years ago did I tell you that you had to watch Avatar??


I love that show just beyond measure. And yes, they'd BETTER do a sequel!!