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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I have discovered that there is only one Final Fantasy for the PS3 - the other one is online, so I won't be playing that one. So I have ordered FF13. Now comes the waiting. *sigh* I hate waiting. (Yes, that's a quote.)


While you're waiting, you could always give Assassin's Creed a try. ;) All three games so far made are for the PS3.
Assassin's Creed sounds pretty grim for my tastes, but I know nothing about it. What's it like?
It's a mixture of stealth and action game. In the first game you play an assassin in the Holy Land at the time of the third crusade (in the second and third game it's during the renaissance in Italy). You're tasked with killing nine men and during the course of the game, little by little, you begin to understand why (at first your character starts out as cocky and over-confident and just follows his master's orders. The further you progress, the more he starts to change and think for himself). There's a great emphasis on being stealthy, like a real assassin. Sometimes you have to sneak up to targets to quietly dispose of them instead of just charging in blindly. You can blend in with crowds to avoid detection, you can sit on park benches among common citizens to eavesdrop on people, you can hide in carts of hay and watch from your hiding place as your pursuers run right past you. Crowds can be a help or a hindrance depending on how you play. If you just walk around bumping into everybody like you own the place and starting up fights in public places, people will draw attention to you by running around screaming and alerting the guards. If instead you choose to gently push them out of the way when they're carrying something fragile or helping citizens when they're being harassed by thugs, they will in turn react much more friendly towards you and will attempt to hold back the guards when you're being chased. Sometimes you have no choice but to battle guards when you get detected, sometimes you have the chance to flee and hide among the crowds and if you're good at hiding and sneaking, you will encounter few battles at all. Some of the gameplay is definitely brutal, but not to the point of being over the top or ridiculous. I mostly enjoy it for the beautiful, historically accurate sceneries, the atmosphere and the sneaking around.

This trailer gives a pretty good idea what the game is like.


Wow, it looks gorgeous! I'm not much of one for sneaking - playing Dungeons & Dragons, I was always The Big Dumb Warrior - but I think I'll give this a try! I see there are several of them, but I'll start with the first one as soon as I complete FFXIII. Thanks!
I personally love the stealthy approach, it's such a satisfying feeling to sneak up on an unsuspecting guard from behind. But a more direct approach is always an option if that's your thing, LOL. The first game is not quite as varied as the sequels (they added a lot of stuff and expanded on many concepts later in the series), but it definitely helps to start with the first to follow the story. Do let me know if you end up giving it a try!
I've already decided that I'll try it as soon as I've completed FFXIII. I'll try the whole sneaking thing - who knows, I might be good at it! Now I have something to look forward to.

You know, I've seen the ads (they play during football games) and thought the graphics were gorgeous, but I wasn't sure about the game. It's great that you've played it and told me about it!