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whatever happens

April 2017

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little but fierce

Just in case anyone's wondering, I did get my PS3, and I did get FFXIII, and I've been playing.

I have to admit (ulp) that the lack of any kind of owner's manual for the PS3 threw me for a short time, but I managed to get it set up anyway, and my guess, about what all those little orifices were, turned out to be right. I discovered this truth by going to the Sony site and downloading the manual.

I got the Move bundle but haven't set that up yet. I may not do so, as they warn you about smacking things like bookshelves while you play, and I have lots of those in my den and little room to swing my arms about.

As for FFXIII, I'm enjoying it immensely. The characters are pretty and appealing. (Except Hope - I want to smack him. Often.) I haven't gotten very far - I'm only on the crystal lake and I'm still getting tutorials. But so far I really like the battle system. It's a very linear game, which has two pros and one con for me. Con is that I can't do my usual thing, wandering around killing low-level baddies to raise my heroes to ridiculous levels so that later, harder battles become easy. Pro 1 is that there are no mini-games and side quests, at least not so far. (Yes, I know, lots of people live for those things, but I don't. I just want to get on with the story and kill things.) Pro 2 is that it's harder to get lost on the map. Not impossible - I've done it a few times - but harder.

Anyway, now I'm off to bed early so I can play all day tomorrow. I had three days off this week, mostly so I could play with my new toy.

Oh, yeah, as far as real life goes:

We sold the Buick to my neighbors (who know everything about all the glitches it's had). We've banked the money so that later we can use it for a downpayment on a new car, and we're back to driving the Honda. I don't think my mom was real pleased, although my neighbor just loves the car, but the Honda has been less expensive to maintain.

I got a very nice compliment from someone I work with, who told me I was "the heart of the division". *blush*

My roomie and I went to the nearby Crocs outlet. The prices aren't low enough for me to be able to afford much, but I did get a pair of sandals that will make my Casual Fridays a bit classier than my usual Crocs.

All my tax refund is gone. *sniff*

I'm watching the Zorro series that ran from 1990-93. It's a fun series, and I'm a fangirl of the guy playing Zorro (Duncan Regehr). Beginning the second season they got another of my favorite actors, Henry Darrow, to play Zorro's dad. The chief villains (there were two - they killed off the first one) are both good, and the guest stars and regulars are consistently good. Better, the scripts and stories are also very good, especially when you consider it's a half-hour show. The show is fun and hugely entertaining, and I'm going to be sorry when we finish the last episode.

My hip is fine, and the animals are all healthy. There, that should take care of real life, right?


Glad to hear that everything is fine with you. *major hugs* That makes me happy.
I was just thinking that I hadn't seen a post from you for awhile and since you don't tend to disappear like I have a bad habit of doing, I was getting concerned if all was still well. So glad to hear that it is!

You beat me to the PS3!! If the Wii hadn't come out, I probably would have had it by now, but since no game has come out yet that would give me no choice (Where the hell are you Kingdom Hearts 3?!), I've managed to resist. I'm glad you're having a great time with it. :-) The newer Final Fantasies haven't quite been enough of a draw for me after 11 was so, so boring that I never finished it.

I'm playing "Epic Mickey" right now, myself. It's a bit like a slightly deranged cousin of Kingdom Hearts that may or may not be missing a chromosome. *g* I like it though. The graphics are fantastic and the storyline is good, but the clunky, clunky controls take some doing...


Edited at 2011-03-25 03:57 pm (UTC)

I'm enjoying 13 a LOT so far. Much more than 12, nearly as much as 10. Maybe it's not worth buying a PS3 for, but if Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out on the same platform, and you end up getting it, then you should try it.

Epic Mickey is for the Wii, I assume?