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whatever happens

April 2017

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I haven't been around much lately, and I won't be for a while yet, because I have no computer at home. (I'm typing this on my roomie's laptop, which isn't the most comfortable way to do it.)

You see, we had a storm. In a way, we were lucky/blessed, because my computer and router were the only casualties. We had a couple of the metal panels on the barn shift, and we lost some branches, but only small ones. Across the street, two trees were uprooted and our neighbor's flagpole was broken in four places. A few miles north of us, it looked like a tornado had gone through - there were huge trees that were either split apart or completely uprooted, a couple of shed/barn structures were collapsed, and some carports had been lifted up, twisted like pretzels, and thrown into trees and against fences. A few miles west of us, trailers at the U-Haul place had been thrown across the road against a fence and totally destroyed. In Dallas, one place got 8" of hail, some of it baseball-sized.

At our house, it was relatively mild, which was why I didn't unplug my PC when it woke me up. DUMB. There was only one big crack of lightning, but that was enough.

My router is replaced, but I have to send my PC down to my dad in Florida to get it fixed. But that's not the end of my woes. At work, my PC has been freezing at random moments; it just stops working, and the only thing to do is hold in the power button until it reboots. Our IR guy has tried everything he can think of - including reformatting the entire hard drive - with no success. There are now about three guys working on it, and apparently there is something of the sort going on in scattered places all around campus. Not a virus, however. I think it has something to do with the fact that they're moving the servers. Anyway, right now I'm using a loaner laptop at work as well as at home!

And as if that wasn't enough, the screen died on my cell phone. *sigh*


Isn't technology wonderful? I remember a time I really thought it was, now I'm not so sure considering how life shuts down when it gets in one of its moods. I've had a computer and router fried by lightning before. Fun times! I ultimately had to get a new computer since mine was never the same afterwards, even after I got it working again.

Sorry you're having so many problems. At least you have your PS3 to pass the time! I bet you can get a lot of gaming down without the distraction of the computer.

YIKES about the storms! We actually had hail here a few weeks ago. It was small on the island, but off the island it was the size of baseballs. One of my Music Sellers had a huge amount of damage to her roof. Scary weather.

You really don't even want to mention Cell Phones to me. X-D
I knew that, of all people, you would understand completely! I sure hope my computer doesn't follow the path of yours and decide never to work right again, because I sure can't afford another one!

And yes, I am getting plenty of play time in, although not as much as I'd like. FFXIV doesn't allow me to build my characters up like I normally do, so I get killed a lot, and it takes a lot of concentration. So I mostly have to play on weekends. I am getting quite a lot of reading done, though.

As for cell phones, I actually did think about you when I mentioned mine, and felt bad about posting that!
I'm sorry about your computer, but I'm very glad that you and Randi and all your animals are safe and that there was minimal damage. Your computer though! Ouch. I think we've all been in that position where we've had something destroyed by lightning, and we're very vigilant about unplugging for awhile, and then we just let it go. Don't beat yourself up about it.

As far as your computer problems at work? And your cell phone? Mercury is retrograde until April 23. I don't think I have to say any more. ;)


It's a shame about your computer but, considering the damage in the rest of your neighbourhood, I'm just very thankful that you're safe!
GAH! When I win the lottery, I'm buying you a MAC, and I'll hold you down until you LIKE IT.

But seriously...I'm glad all those storms missed you and the babies. Yeesh! It's always something.

I was in South Carolina the weekend the tornadoes came through, and we pretty much squeaked between them. Share the luck!