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whatever happens

April 2017

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I didn't go to work yesterday (car trouble, now painlessly fixed), and because I don't watch TV and didn't check out CNN.com during the day, I didn't know bin Laden was dead until this morning. Well. Wow. After all this time, it's still hard to believe. The operation made me chuckle, even knowing how serious it was. As I told my coworkers, they'll make a movie out of it - and if Steven Seagal was still in his 30s, he'd be doing it.

As for the royal wedding, that was somewhat less exciting, but very nice. No, I didn't watch it.

This seems to be my week for the world to be intruding on me in sneaky ways, making me think and shaking me out of my DisneyMood. First, I watched The Deathly Hallows over the weekend (and Z, you're right - way too much time in the woods). Then a coworker suggested I watch a film called The Experiment - grim, but thought-provoking, and since she and I saw it differently, we had a terrific discussion of the issues it raised. Then, at lunch, one of my faculty members volunteered to bring me a book of Flannery O'Connor's short stories. (If you don't know her, she's brilliant, but depressing. If you want to try her, you might start with this story online - A Good Man Is Hard To Find.) Luckily, for this weekend, my fare will be lighter/brighter, because my roomie brought home Tangled and Voyage of the Dawn Treader. whew. Saved by Disney.


The Royal Wedding was lovely. ♥ I couldn't get enough of it - watched every moment I could and then all the recaps. ;}

On my initial reading of Deathly Hallows I did, indeed, think there was too much time in the woods, but on the re-read it made more sense and seemed to go faster. I thought it was well-done in the movie, and again, it didn't seem like too much to me.

I loved Tangled so much! I hope you do, too. I thought it was pure old-time Disney magic with a lot of updated twists that made things even better.
I'm in the same behind the tech boat as you. I was playing an off-line game on Sunday night and therefore didn't hear about bin Laden until I read the morning paper the next day. Guess the papers aren't such an outdated way of getting news after all. I'm relieved he's gone. Few others in history needed a good killing like he did.

I watched bits of the Royal Wedding after the fact. It was very nice, very sweet and romantic. My favorite part were all the little things the younger royals did that made me go, "Wow, they're actually much more normal than I would have guessed." Also, Kate's dress looked so much like my mother's. I had to smile.

Because I went to school in the south, we had to read a lot of Flannery O'Connor in high school. You can imagine how much I didn't enjoy her writing. I usually try to avoid that kind of depressing fiction, but I can see her merit.

"Tangled" is lovely, the end. The only thing I would wish for it is slightly more memorable songs, but otherwise it's beautiful. We just watched "Dawn Treader" last night and enjoyed it very much. Considering that the source material is pretty weak again, I thought they spun a good tale out of it. Sort of like Harry, I really just enjoy seeing the characters again. And just about all grown up too! Enjoy. :-)
LOVED Tangled. I don't think an neurotic, guilt-ridden teenager has ever been quite so accurately portrayed. :)

And you gotta love the horse.

LOVED the horse! Maximus rocked!!