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whatever happens

April 2017

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strength - peter

This seems to be "I Love Kathy" week. Especially yesterday.

Our grants administrator, Pam, is out on vacation (her daughter is getting married in Hawaii). She had three grants pending, but Deb, our DA (division admin), was going to handle them. Then Deb gets a (serious) illness and will probably be out for months, so we had to scramble to get things taken care of. Among other things, I had to finish up the grant submissions, because I'm the only person left in our office who has any grant experience. There really wasn't that much to do, because Pam left them in good shape before she left for Hawaii. But apparently the little I had to do impressed the heck out of people who don't know how to do it!

So... first I get a call from Deb, from the hospital, tearfully thanking me for stepping up to the plate and handling the grants, saying it couldn't have been easy to have three grants dumped into my lap on top of everything else. (She made me teary, too. I just adore her.) This, I sorta expected. But then our grants rep, about whom I have been known to say some pretty unkind things, calls me up when everything is done and praises me to the skies, saying how much she appreciated my "level head" and quick action. We were getting along so well, she says she'll call me if she needs a "smile fix"! Then another person about whom I have been known to say very unkind things, Dr. Carroll, who was doing the grants, told me that the division needs me so badly that he wanted to post armed guards and keep me at my desk to be sure nothing bad happened to keep me out - and later he talked to a mutual acquaintance and told him all about how great I was. Plus another coworker with whom I simply could not get along - she actually offended me several times, which is hard to do! - has suddenly decided I'm wonderful and we're buddies.

I have gotten more praise in the last two days than in the last two years! Whew! (My roomie says she has a shotgun to deflate my ego if it gets too big to get through the door.) But seriously, I have done no more this week than I always do. It just seems that, because it's an emergency, everyone appreciates it more. I dunno. It feels weird. I'm simply not used to being praised. It's so weird that I thought I'd mention it here, even though I rarely talk about work.


About time! And congratulations on well-deserved praise. *hugs*