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whatever happens

April 2017

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little but fierce

Just a quick post so y'all will know that I am still alive.

My job has been frenetic the last few weeks, what with us being so short-staffed and having to share the tasks of two missing people, but it's finally leveling out. I actually have hope of seeing the light by the end of this week. Between that and having to drive every day without AC in the car, in Texas, in June, I'm pretty fatigued most of the time, which is my excuse for reading my friends' LJs without responding.

My poor roomie has a staph infection again. The doctor told her, "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't hospitalize you," to which she said, "I can't afford it?" She has improved a great deal, however, without the hospital, but she's still very weak. She's supposed to go back to work on Wednesday, but I'm not sure how she'll make it, since Walmart forces her to stand on her feet the entire day.

Despite all my vows to the contrary, I up and adopted one of the stray kittens that haunt our house. (There are seven of them now.) *headkeyboard* I just couldn't help it. He stole my heart. He's a tiny ball of fluff with no tail (he's part Manx), a pale orange on top and white underneath. He looked like a creamsicle when I first saw him, so I kept calling him "the creamsicle kitty", and when I finally broke down and brought him into the house, my roomie dubbed him "Creampoof", and the name stuck. At the time we didn't know he was a boy. hee. He's a sweet thing, just like Tater was, very gentle and affectionate.

I've been watching a lot of 60s and 70s TV and movies, and you know what? I prefer those eras. Maybe the SFX is laughable and there's no CGI, but on the other hand, there was story and character instead of car chases and explosions and spurting blood. I've gotten to the point that I fast-forward through car chases and yawn during explosions, and spurting blood will make me pass on a movie. Give me a good script and good acting, and I'll forgive the rest. I've particularly enjoyed the series Rat Patrol, which I actually like better now than when I watched it in my 20s. (Oddly, my tastes have changed enough so that my favorite character is different than it used to be.) I also saw got on a John Wayne kick (yeah, really), and saw El Dorado for the first time - loved it. Also, I checked out Jason and the Argonauts, a classic of special effects that most people reading this wouldn't appreciate, and the original The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, which is a superb thriller. I haven't seen the remake, as I have heard it's just as bad as the remake of another old thriller I love, The Day of the Jackal. I watched lots more, but I'll spare y'all the entire list. I'm nice that way.

I recently re-read my first Regency, and I never should have done that. I never realized how BAD my writing was/is. Jeez, I want to rewrite the whole damned thing. I'm not unhappy with it - the story and dialog are fine, I think - but I wish I could fix the really awkward narrative. Too many commas. Ugh. However, my beaten-down ego was uplifted by a private message on fanfiction.net who said, among other lovely things, that my writing is "golden". So I won't be throwing myself off a cliff or burning all my computer disks or anything. I'd rather take this as a lesson and improve my writing. Kill the commas! hee.


I can't imagine how awful it must be to have to drive in that heat. Ugh.

I'm glad you're enjoying your 60's and 70's shows. I sometimes feel a little afraid to rewatch something I liked so long ago, for fear that I'll be disillusioned, but this has given me hope. ;) I'm trying to think of some shows that I loved - I can only think of sitcoms when I was a little kid, but I did love The Man from UNCLE when I was around 12, Alias Smith and Jones when I was a teenager, and Kung Fu when I was a young adult. The only two movies that I remember watching multiple times (and that meant going to the theatre over and over) were Gone With the Wind and Dr. Zhivago. I also liked MASH, and thought the movie was very racy at the time, but probably would not think so now. ;) Loved the TV show, though. Oh, and I have a distinct soft spot for Alice's Restaurant, although that's no doubt because I have a soft spot for Arlo. ;)


Also, hope Randi is feeling better soon; want pics of the new kitty; and your first Regency is just fine. IMHO.

Long comment is long. LOL!!

Edited at 2011-06-28 01:52 pm (UTC)
I like long comments!

Disillusioned is a strong word, but I have found that some shows I used to love weren't as enjoyable now as they were then. It wouldn't be natural if that wasn't the case. "The Man from UNCLE" is one of them - I was NUTS about that show in my early teens, but I seem to have gotten over it. "Kung Fu", on the other hand, I love about the same now as back then (in college, when it was THE show to watch). Btw, I used to like "Alias Smith and Jones" as well, but I haven't seen it recently.

Oddly enough, I didn't like either "Gone with the Wind" or "Dr. Zhivago" - I mean, I liked them fine the first time I saw them, they were terrific movies, but I wasn't inclined to see them again. I have a shallow mind. (Yes, I do. I've seen "Die Hard" at least 10+ times.) "MASH" was fun (was it racy?), but the show was great, deserving the title of a classic.

Incidentally, my roomie and I have agreed to disagree on Scarlett O'Hara. I liked her, Randi loathes her. What about you?

Do you know, you're the only Arlo Guthrie fan I've ever met. I do like him, although I'm not really a fan. I barely remember "Alice's Restaurant" - I need to see it again.

Randi is better, but she goes to work tomorrow, which will probably set her back some. Will take pics of kitty as soon as I dust off my poor camera. And thanks for the thumbs-up on my Regency! I went back and read my reviews for it to make myself feel better, but I still twitch to fix it.
This sounds like a long discussion that will do well in email. :)
Dan and I intend to rehome a cat sometime soon, especially now that we have our own place. I think we might pick one up from the shelter on our wedding anniversary. We're both huge animal lovers and, to us, a house doesn't feel like a home without a pet.

I do hope that your roommate feels better soon.