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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Are there any Josh Groban fans out there? I know someone recommended him to me once. (My lamentable memory!) (And yes, that's a quote.) Anyway, my roomie saw him on A Capitol Fourth and wants to try one of his albums, but since we know so little about him, and we're too poor to buy more than one, I'm asking - which one is the best?

Oh, yeah. Any HP fans on my flist - have you signed up for Pottermore yet? :)


Well, you know how much I adore Josh Groban - so much love. He's cute (just my type!), funny, and his voice really is heaven sent. He tends towards the Classical, but as he's gotten older he's done some of his own things as well.

My two favorite albums are his most recent - "Awake" and "Illuminations". I just posted a song from Illuminations in my journal if you want to hear a sample. Both of these albums are a nice variety of Classical and original songs. His earlier two albums are self-titled and "Closer".... of the two, "Closer" is by far more popular because it has "You Raise Me Up" on it. And I say all of this as a big fan and expert on what music people like.

So, I hope that helps. I have all of his albums except the first one myself, so I can always just send them out to you as well.

Per "Glee":

Ken Tanaka: "Who's Josh Groban?"

Sandy Ryerson: "Who is Josh Groban? Kill Yourself! He is an angel sent from heaven to deliver Platinum Records unto us. And if he were here right now I'd club you to death with his Critics' Choice Award."


Edited to Add: I haven't signed up for Pottermore yet. But I will. Because I'm weak and want to keep throwing money at JK Rowling even though she so deeply disappointed me in the end.

Edited AGAIN to add: I lied. I totally have all of his CDs, including the Christmas one. I forgot that I downloaded the first one until I checked iTunes just now.

Edited at 2011-07-06 04:17 am (UTC)
Given my financial straits at the moment, I would LOVE any Josh you can throw at me!!

And yes, despite my disappointment at JKR, I still can't resist Harry and Hogwarts, so... I'm signed up.
huh? What is "Pottermore?" o.o

**Goes a-Googling!**