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whatever happens

April 2017

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strength - peter

We'll be setting a record for consecutive days of temperature highs of 100+ on Saturday. Tomorrow the high will be 109. I don't remember when we last had rain.

We can provide the horses with water, but it gets pretty hot, because the tubs aren't shaded. The horses have plenty of shade, but that's not much relief. I'm getting worried about them, especially The Black, who isn't handling it as well as the mares. We bring the German shepherds in at night and give them a little AC, and the stray cats seem to be doing OK. Most of the more delicate insect life has disappeared - crickets, cicadas, etc. - leaving only grasshoppers, fleas, ticks, and cockroaches. (A portent of what will eventually inherit the earth, I suppose.)

I'm making it OK, driving back and forth a couple of hours every day in a car with no AC, but it's taken some planning. I have had to find a way to make sure I have cold water in the car on the way home. (On the way in, it's only about 85 or so, which is fine for me.)

Yeah, I'm whining. But for the last week or so, I've been eagerly checking the weather forecast, looking for a break in the heat or for rain, and getting disappointed each time. I also get disappointed every day when I check my publisher's "pending" page and see myself still at #30 in the queue. It's just a disappointing life.

Otherwise, I'm OK. I've applied for a promotion. At least that won't be a disappointment, whether I get it or not, since the pros and cons for it are even. My hip continues to get better, and I'm walking almost normally now. Even in the heat, without the chronic pain I have more energy. The heat's keeping me from writing, however, at least for now.

Yup, whining again. Dang.


I will happily trade some rain / grey skies for a spot of sunshine and heat! England hasn't had much of a summer this year...
You are not whining. You are trying to survive in uninhabitable unpleasant conditions. I'm amazed that you can think that 85 is okay ... yipes! However, I will admit, that after one day when it hit 105, 85 felt pretty darn good.

Stay hydrated, and stay in air conditioning whenever you can. If I win the lottery, I'll make it a priority to get a/c in your car ... heck, I'll buy you a NEW car!

Oh lord. I've been noticing the ridiculous temperatures in your neck of the woods and was actually wondering how you were getting on. We've been reaching the mid to upper 90s here in Chattanooga, but the extreme humidity makes it feel like well over 100. We're getting lots of thunderstorms, however, and I'd gladly send some your way if I could.

It must be eerily quiet without those noisy cidadas. O_O

I hope your horses will be okay. It's no surprise that your stray cats are fine. I once read that cats are comfortable in up to 120 degrees. While I don't know if that's entirely true, cats do clearly enjoy the heat more than some other animals.

As for that commute... oh, how I feel your pain. All of your windows are able to roll down at the very least, right?
We've been having an awesome summer so far - but I really like the cold weather and, I gets a lot of continental weather, so it's not like it never ends. I was in Texas about two years ago, so I can almost imagine what that must be like.

What's with the "Publisher's Pending"?
*Really like the HOT weather - I'm just used to the cold weather.