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whatever happens

April 2017

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stitch with ducks

Something really cool happened to me today - I had a writers' lunch!

You see, it was like this. My friend Pam is a writer, and she's also one of those people who's never met a stranger. She befriended Chris, who is one of the security people on our train into work. Turns out Chris is a writer, too, and so is Chris' friend Margie, who works in the same place Pam and I do, and so is Chris' friend Ruby. We've been talking about getting together for a writer's lunch for months, but we had so much trouble with conflicting schedules that I thought it would never happen. Today, it did!

I had a great time. They're all fun women. Yes, I bragged a bit, since I'm a bit further along the publishing trail than any of the others. But not far! We got along so well that we agreed to make it a monthly thing, and we're considering doing mutual critiques and doing Nano together!

I'm really excited about this. I hope it works out as well as I feel it will. :)


That's good to hear! I meet with my beta every month(ish) but we're there strictly to help each other find markets for each other's work, offer feedback, ect. I find that if I've got other people knowing what I'm up to, I'm more likely to push through it.
That's wonderful! I'm happy for you as well as a little envious. :) Such a cool thing to happen - I hope it goes well and continues.