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whatever happens

April 2017

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Obi-Wan-The Force

I have been taking the most lovely nostalgia trip.

Since my friend zora113 mentioned Star Wars (and gave me a sexy icon), I've been inspired to watch the movies again. All six of them, in sequence. It took me all week, because I watched not only the movies, but also the featurettes and stuff.

Most of you know that Star Wars is my favorite movie. I've seen many movies to love just as much, but Star Wars has a special place in my heart that nothing will ever replace. I think that's true of most people who were old enough to see it when it first came out. I can still remember sitting in a dark theater, the music thrilling me, and having my jaw drop when the Imperial cruiser came onto the screen and began to pass us - and pass us, and pass us.... I was hooked from that moment. I'll admit that the sex appeal of Han Solo had something to do with my love of the movie, but more than anything else, it simply made me feel good. Every time I saw it (and I saw it in theaters at least 20 times), I came away with a spring in my step, hope in my heart, a grin on my face, and glorious music in my mind.

Neither of the sequels measured up to that, and I didn't like them nearly as much. Ditto the three prequels, although Ewan McGregor helped me enjoy those, as did that thrilling moment when Darth Vader rose from the table. I realize that I didn't like them as much because none of them gave me that wonderful high, of course. However, thinking about the original and about how many threads in it were begun in Eps. I-III, I decided to just watch all six like one lonnnng movie (as I do The Lord of the Rings. This time, I loved them all.

Doing this also gave me a better appreciation of the movies as a story. George Lucas has to be the greatest story teller since Tolkien.


I admit that I have a bit of envy for you and everyone old enough to have seen them all in the theatre. :) And, oh, I imagine it didn't take long at all for you to realize that you had walked into something magical.

For me, the sublime happiness you get from only the first one extends to all of the original trilogy. One of my earliest memories of television was getting to see The Empire Strikes Back and Fraggle Rock on HBO when I was three years old, and I guess Mom deemed me too young to be taken to the theatre to see Return of the Jedi. XD In the years before the trilogy came out on home video, any time it came on TV, my family made a huge event out of it; ordered pizza, pulled out the TV trays...

I enjoyed the prequel trilogy well enough, but the original three are perfection to me. It just doesn't feel the same.

Edited at 2011-08-29 01:17 pm (UTC)
I know it doesn't quite add up to the impact Star Wars had, but what you're describing is how I felt, and still feel, about the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It took about five minutes to realize it was something magical, moving, and brilliant.

Altho, I do adore Star Wars too. Oddly enough, I've had to grow into that appreciation rather than it just happening. At this point, I'm pretty huge fan, but I wasn't always. Now, I'm waiting with bated breath for the new Blu-Ray box set to come out. I've heard that they've fixed things that have been messed up since the movie was released... such as you can see the puppeteer's arm when the wampa grabs Luke. No more! Greedo still shoots first, but, I think that's water under the bridge at this point...