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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Randi report:

I visited her Saturday. She has aphasia, which means words form in her head but don't make it out of her mouth correctly, if at all. She mixed up yes/no while I was there, and when listing her pets, said she had horses, dogs, birds, and (after a struggle) carrots. But her mind is clear - she used her speech therapist's technique to point out to me that the clock in the room was wrong: the best she could manage was "rollback", but when I obviously didn't get it, she managed "Use your own watch". Which I think was pretty darned good! She was also unable to move her right arm or leg at all. Her vision, however, has already pretty much returned to normal.

Yesterday the surgeon called me, very pleased. They're moving Randi to Rehab either today or tomorrow. Her progress is extremely good. She was able to lift her right arm and wiggle her fingers, and she was forming entire sentences, slowly but properly.

I'll be visiting her on Thursday, so I'll have another report then. Keep up the good vibes, folks, to support her. And thank you, all of you.


I'm so pleased to hear that she's doing well!
Good to know. Hope things continue to improve!
It's such a relief to hear that she is doing so well after such a dangerous procedure. Every day when I click on my Friends List, I'm quietly praying for only good news from you! The vibes will keep coming from my direction, to be sure.

What a relief to hear that she's only improving! I look forward to hearing more good news! :)
I'm really, really glad that she's making steady improvement. Lots of good energy is being sent her way, and yours. *hugs*
Holy cow. What an ordeal for you both.

But it sounds as if she really got away from this trauma relatively unscathed. My father-in-law had similar problems, and they have completely resolved. So I know she will make a complete recovery.

But someone needs to take care of YOU. :( Wish I could be there....
I wish you could be here, too! I'd at least be more cheerful!