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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Too tired Thursday to do my Randi post, and had to grocery shop yesterday and forgot, so here it is. It's all good news, though, so I hope no one minds waiting.

She still has trouble forming some words and concepts, but she's vastly better, just as the doctor said. She's gotten to the stubborn stage now - they'd left her in a wheelchair and she wanted to get into the bed (she was in pain in the chair), and she wouldn't stop trying, even though she's far too weak. However, although she couldn't move her right leg, I saw muscles twitching there, so it looks like she'll get all her self back. Her eye is so improved that she wants me to bring her books when I see her on Monday, and her right hand can grip and pull, although without much strength. So she continues to improve. I won't bore y'all with reports so much now, unless there's a specific change.

Now that my worry about her is subdued, I'm exhausted, believe it or not.


I'm so glad that she is continuing to improve!

Now that my worry about her is subdued, I'm exhausted, believe it or not.

I believe it. We tend to keep going and keep strong when we must, and then we collapse.

*hugs and good energy being sent constantly*
Exactly. We hold up through sheer willpower, and when we no longer have to, the release from the stress of holding it together brings the exhaustion -- physical, mental and emotional -- crashing down on us.

Sleep. Eat. They both help.
SO GLAD There's good news!!! Here's hoping the improvements continue! Meanwhile - get you some rest so that you're not the next one to worry about!!
Never boring! Thanks for sharing her progress, DragonGal. But please take care of yourself, too. I hope the neighbors are helping with the horsies and stuff.

Do they have any idea when she might actually be able to come home? Or is rehab going to take a while "in situ"?
No one's helping me - I don't trust anyone with the horses. It's not that no one has offered, but my neighbors, although very nice, are not reliable - I'd get help for a few days, then not. And since I work better with a routine, I'm better off doing it myself.

The doctor said she would probably be home by Christmas. She seems to be on a bit of a stall right now, but maybe it just seems that way to me. The therapists are upbeat.