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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I think the single most evil invention since the atom bomb has to be the phone menu system. It's even more evil than cell phones, since the latter do, at times, provide a vital service. (I say this after having spent 25 minutes trying to plow through menus, over and over, trying to get to a live person at Chevron, only to reach an answering service which informed me that, contrary to what appeared on the website, the office was closed.) I think that the only nonliving object to ever drive me close to the fury that phone menus do would be a printer that decided to permanently jam when I'm doing a last-minute, vital, you're-fired-if-you-don't-get-this-out project.

Other than that, everything's been going pretty much as usual. My roomie continues to improve - she actually made a phone call and talked to one of my coworkers, a big step! It looks as if they'll move her soon to the rehab facility, and they changed her blood thinner med, so I guess the blood clot danger is lessened. The clot in her heart is gone. Whew. I continue to miss my neighbor; my nephew is recovering well; I'm beginning to judge my weeks as good or bad depending on whether someone dies or gets sick. (!)

Also, to my horrified shame, I'm becoming addicted to Farmville. Pam, you have a lot to answer for, getting me into that! But it does work as a stress relief during this time.

I realize that I've been neglecting my friends, but since you are all wonderful people, I know you'll forgive me. And no, that's not sarcasm, but the truth.

Oh! Good news! My two books which have been sitting in my publisher's queue for over a year are now ready to release. They only await blurbs from me, which I was supposed to do last weekend. *slaps self* But as soon as I get my act together enough to write two short paragraphs, they'll be published. Yay!


The automated phone menu system is indeed frustrating - unless I happen to be calling in a prescription. Then, it's convenient, since I can do it when I think of it (i. e., 2 AM) instead of forgetting about it during their open hours. However, I frequently have the urge to shove the phone down someone's throat when faced with the endless time wasted trying to navigate most companies' "convenient" automated systems!

I'm so glad Randi is doing better. ♥

And congratulations on having newly published books! Yay!