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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Game of Thrones chat, under a cut to spare those who aren't interested:

Dang it, I have a BAD feeling about Eddard Stark. I like the guy - after all, he's Sean Bean! But he's also a decent, nice, responsible, honorable guy. And naive to the point of stupidity. He's in prison now, and I have a bad, bad, bad feeling that Martin is not going to spare him. I keep thinking, No, he's a POV character, he can't die. (To quote from a movie, he'll "escape in the final reel", I HOPE.) This book has taken so many rapid twists, and so many people have already died, though, that I can't be confident.

Loved Tyrion and the sky cells. Way cool, that idea of the blue calling. I've developed an affection for his sidekick Bronn, too. When he was fighting the duel, I knew he would win, for the exact same reason Catelyn did - he'd lived through all the other attacks up to that point. Z is right, Tyrion is stealing the book as well as the show.

There are so many things I hate about this book. There's so much injustice, so much death. But I love it, too. It's beautifully written and the characters are all so different and well-developed, which is amazing, given how many of them there are. The story is fascinating, and the narrator (actor Roy Dotrice) is good, too. I hate to turn off the MP3 player when I get to work. (Since it's an audiobook, I had to go to Wikipedia to see how to spell all the names for this post - and I've had to do some creative peeking to avoid spoilers!)

A few things that stick with me:

The death of Lady. BITCH Cersei. I hope one of the dire wolves gets to eat her. Alive.

Arya and her "water dancer" mentor. Loved the scene where he fought off the Lannister men. I wish I knew if he survived that.

The Death by Golden Crown of Viserys. Saw it coming from the minute he opened his mouth at the feast, but still winced and cringed, although he richly deserved it.

Bronn in the duel. Again, saw it coming, but loved "seeing" it.

Tyrion. In almost every scene he's in.

The fact that I simply can't warm up to Jon Snow, although I feel like Martin wants us to, and even when I see his kindness.

And speaking of Jon - "Stick them with the pointy end." LOL!

The incredible stupidity of Sansa, which feels so real that I can't even dislike her for it, idiot though she is.

Ditto Catelyn, whose seizure of Tyrion was one of the most ill-judged actions in the book.

Ditto Robert Baratheon, who got a worse death than he deserved. He and Eddard come from another universe than the Lannisters.

Bran surviving his fall. Didn't expect that. Wonder if he will ever remember why he almost died.

I'm sure there's more, but I'll quit now and get back to work.



*cracking up* I do so love having a fellow spirit. Yes, I yell at Ned a lot. But it is a shame - if very realistic - that the evil and corrupt can use virtue against the good. I, too, wondered how Ned could be so blind. After the Lady incident, he should have known, at the very least, that his daughters would be used against him and would not be safe. I was pulling my hair (in the car, no less) when he warned Cercie about what he knew and gave her a chance to leave town. Dumb, dumb, DUMB.

We agree on everything, it seems, but I'll still comment, because I love talking about the story. Cat is an idiot. She's giving Robb some good support now, but really, her action against Tyrion, more than anything else, has allowed the Lannisters to bring down her family. She started the war, even if war was inevitable.

I hadn't thought about the stress put on Lady's death, but you're quite right. Not just an innocent pet, but a *sweet* animal, and the pet of an innocent girl. What I don't get is why Sansa still has faith in Joffrey. I mean, she *knows* he lied about the Micah incident and she *knows* that Cercie ordered Lady's death. She makes Ned's willful blindness seem like wisdom.

I loathe Cercie, but I enjoy her as a character. She's so damned good at her evil.

*giggle* Your description of why you like Tyrion is spot-on. He does bring a lot to the story that's missing in the others. I'd love to see that parody. What a great thought. I'll hate to lose Bronn, and *really* hate to lose Tyrion, but I have a feeling that I'd better brace myself for losing everyone. That way, I can be pleasantly surprised if some of them survive.

Jon is likeable, and realistic in his childish behavior. You have to love a guy who sticks up for the underdog, even when it costs him. I think that Martin intends for him, Tyrion, and Arya, at the very least, to be fan favorites.

What's Dany doing that's so bad? I figured she'd have to wait for The Stallion Who Mounts the World to be born and grow up big enough to be at least a nominal ruler before she grabs for the throne. I do wonder what she'll do with that husband of hers. He's not a fool. (I love the culture Martin has set up around the Dothraki, by the way.)

I can't warm up to Bran, either, although I like him. Jaime makes me want to spit, as Cercie does, but maybe I'll like him better later.

God, it'll take me forever to read them all. My audio book club charges 2 credits for each, and I only get 2 credits a month, so one a month is as many as I can do. (Although I'll probably cheat and buy one, and make it two per month.)

I don't think I've ever read a book with such a huge cast in which all the characters are individuals. It's really amazing.

The bad thing is that I'm finding things in the book that are also in the book I'm currently writing, and people are going to think I copied Martin. But I didn't! Ah well. I can change a few details and fix that.

Damn, the story is like a car wreck. You don't want to look, but you can't look away. Losing so many minor characters (especially Ned's men) has been horribly painful, and if I'm right and he starts killing major characters, this series will be an emotional wringer. I'm so glad you got me into it! (And thank you, Sean Bean.)

I will, of course, buy the series when it comes out. By the one episode you sent me, it seems to be following the book faithfully. Just as a note of interest, I discovered that the guy reading the book, Roy Dotrice, has a role in the series.
I enjoy Cersei as a character myself. The series would be considerably less if Martin were to take her out. Her constant state of bug-fuck crazy keeps everyone on their toes. And what's really a trip? Even when she becomes a POV character later in the series, there is no remorse or guilt. She's absolutely a sociopath. On the flip side, her brother is shockingly sympathetic once he gets to speak his mind... it's a slow growth over the course of the longest book, but, by the end you see Jaime Lannister in a totally different light. And it seems natural. As we keep saying, the writing is just exceptional.

Without giving away too much, Dany isn't doing ANYTHING except lounging around Slaver's Bay and playing at being the Queen of Mereen. I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt for 1000 pages or so since she was doing a good thing, but now I feel like she's just seriously dragging her heels and making no effort to meet her destiny. Maybe she's scared... I know she's confused... Martin isn't especially clear on her reasons, but I'm getting impatient with her.

You're right, of course, main characters are going to start dying on you very soon. You'll get respite here and there, but every once in awhile a whole bunch more will go and you'll never see it coming. As you say, it's a horrible mess, but at the same time it's SO GOOD. I feel like I know each and everyone one of these people intimately... for better or for worse! Mostly worse. ;-)

If it's OK for you, I'm going to start talking about this in email, so we don't post any spoilers. Normally I don't care, but this is one book series that I would hate to have spoiled.