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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

A couple of random things:

Quote I like:
"Don't tell me the sky's the limit
There's footprints on the moon" - Paul Brandt

George Clooney is a better physical comedian than he is a serious actor. He can be hilarious.

My roomie is still recovering, but slowly, and still not home.

My dog Paris put her back out - bulging disk, even! My bouncy full-of-more-energy-than-the-electric-company doggie who pounced on every meal as if she hadn't eaten in days has been slow and crippled-up and not interested in food for a week now. I finally took her to the vet. One pain shot, and now she thinks she's SuperDog again. Nevertheless, despite her whines and barks, she is crated for two weeks and medicated (3 pills!) twice a day.

Still obsessive over "Song of Ice and Fire".


I hope your roommate goes home soon. I know the hospital can be the best place for her, but seriously, I'd go nuts if I was in for a month, and it's been months.

ASOIaF books or miniseries? I know they're on DVD, but I still haven't seen them.
Both. I'm reading the books as ebooks and audiobooks at the same time (yes, really), plus watching the first season just recently. I lovelovelove all of them.

My roomie is going nuts, but she's maintaining her spirits, is grateful to me for the little I do, and is working as hard as she can. She hasn't been home since Nov 21, and she can't wait to get back. Still, she doesn't complain. She really is an amazing person.
Poor puppy. Pain can make such a change in one's personality. I'm glad she's better now.

I know I owe you email. Soon. *guilty*

LOL! Yeah, you do. But good things are worth waiting for.