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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

More Ice and Fire obsession, under a cut for the sake of my flist folks who want me to shut up about it:

I watch a LOT of movies and TV shows based on books that I've read (or subsequently read). In nearly all of them, the characters in my head are different from the actors on film, and that's fine with me. Sometimes they merge a bit, but usually I keep them separate in my mind, without effort, and usually without preference.

Game of Thrones has been an exception. No, I don't speak of Sean Bean, although those of you who know me are probably expecting that. The Eddard Stark in the books is a bit different than Sean, in my head.

I'm talking about Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. The Jaime Lannister in my head was a bit insipid, I suppose, but even so, I didn't expect the actor to hijack the character. But he has. Now when I read the books and read about Jaime, it's Nikolaj I see in my head. I honestly can't remember the last time this happened to me.

I just realized this today, when watching a movie called Wimbledon. I watched it for Paul Bettany, and I got an extra kick out of it when I saw some other favorites of mine were in the cast (Sam Neill, James McAvoy, Eleanor Bron, and Bernard Hill). But the real kicker was Nikolaj. This was a movie about tennis. He was a tennis pro. But the whole time I watched, I saw him as Jaime. That is one amazing casting choice and powerful portrayal.