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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Still wallowing in my Shakespeare. I've watched five or six of them, now, and I'm loving it. It's not just the plays, but also the actors, many of whom I'm familiar with.

Finding these plays has opened up a fun new world for me, simply because I had to get the region-free DVD player for them. Now I'm exploring Amazon.co.uk, and what fun that is! I've already found another TV miniseries that I've been dying to see again, but couldn't find in the US. It's cool to visit because of the language, too. Little things are different, like "Film and TV" instead of "Movies and TV", and "Dispatch to" instead of "Send to". It makes this Anglophile giggle and smile. Also, I'm enjoying the browsing - God help my budget.


You've been talking about this Shakespeare Collection for as long as I've known you. I'm thrilled that you finally splurged on something you've wanted for so long!

I've made a couple of posts in the last few months about the joys of Amazon.uk. It's dangerous though, precious. There is so much more available (how is that fair?) and generally even after the currency conversion, it costs less!

If they have it on sale stupid cheap again (which they've been doing), check out "Downton Abbey". It's the best thing around for Anglophiles right now. SO great.
Oh! And because the prices are so crazy cheap, I've sent you something to celebrate your new player. Be on the look-out! :-)
eeee! I will!!!
I'll add that to my wish list. I've been eyeing it for some time, on regular Amazon. It's been temmmmpting me.
Oooo... definitely do. It's one of the few Victorian era series I've seen that has successfully crossed over to the main stream the way this one has. It's actually become hip and cool and yet it's as perfectly English as can be. It's just THAT good. I'm always glad when someone that is actually well done becomes popular in American culture. It doesn't happen often enough.
It's wonderful to have a region-free player! There are so many things that have been released in other parts of the world but not here, so your choices are much more vast! :)

I have a region-free player, too, that I got to have access to Chinese imports of Japanese films that were never released in America. Chinese imports simply because most Japanese imports are without English subtitles!
I'm glad you're enjoying your new treasures. :)
Two words: Boot. Leg.

(only for the artsy who truly can't afford the real thing.)