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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

My current obsessions being Sherlock (the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes), Shakespeare, and Song of Ice and Fire, those seem to be all I talk about lately, directly or indirectly. I'm so boring.

I have nothing to say of Sherlock, except that it is the one filmed version that I think is truest to the stories as they were written. I've watched and enjoyed other versions, but still recognized they were a take-off on the stories, not particularly faithful to the original. The plots were there, and the general idea of Holmes, but after that, they wandered in other directions. I have always particularly loathed the portrayals of Watson as elderly, fat, and stupid. (I mean, what use would a guy like that be to Holmes? He didn't just solve cases, he was an active man who often got into danger!) Despite being set in modern day (Holmes has a website and uses smart phones!), this version doesn't waver more than a meaningless fraction from the original. As a huge bonus, the two leads have a chemistry that makes you believe their unlikely friendship.

OK, so I had something to say. hee

On Song of Ice and Fire, I really have nothing to say except an observation I made about myself. I was looking at my calendar, which features Robb Stark, and my reaction was "Poor kid". It smacked me in the face that I really must be getting old. Well, older, anyway. He is a young man to me, not in years, but in essence. When I was in my teens or 20s, or even 30s, I would have considered him a tragic hero instead. Funny the things that change with time.

Speaking of things changing with time - I watched Coriolanus yesterday. When I first watched the play (20+ years ago), I was bored to tears. I'm not sure I made it through the first act. Now I find it a fascinating character study. Here's a guy who's too proud of his lineage and not at all proud of his accomplishments, who can neither hold his temper or keep his mouth shut, and who goes from being a hero of Rome to its ultimate traitor. Throughout the play, I was up and down about him - he was brave, then stupid; kind, then disdainful, all depending on who he was speaking to. The play had a secondary theme (actually, several - I mean, it's Shakespeare) that mob rule lacks common sense. I mean, come on, common folk of Rome, this guy's your greatest warrior, and you're going to toss him out on his ear because you don't like the way he talks? Then be upset because he brings a friggin' army to crush you? That's what he's good at, morons!

I do have more concrete things to mention. They plan to send my roomie home in two to three weeks. My feelings are mixed, because on the one hand it'll be good to have her home, and on the other, I'll have even more work to do for a while.

Oh, yeah, and I'm a brunette now. My hair is light brown, like acorn shells. I like it. I love dying my hair. It's a fun way to change myself.


You have excellent taste in television shows, my friend - Sherlock and Games of Thrones are the only reasons why I even bother to switch on my television nowadays.
If I watched TV at all, I'd probably be the same. But since I don't have the time to do that, at least not during the week or ever at prime time, I bless the person who came up with DVDs.
Good to know about Roomie, I was wondering today how she was doing. And how you were doing and stuff as well. I'm really glad you still update here, it makes me feel like we're still in touch, a bit more.

How do you mean more work for you? Will you have to be taking care of her in some way?
Yes, I will, in minor ways. For example, I'll have to do all the driving - she'll be retired, but I have to get her to the grocery store and back, unload her groceries, etc. That kind of thing. Thanks for being concerned!