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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Little rant:

Among several things I dislike about social media, I really dislike those pass-around things. You know the type - cartoons or photos or cheap sentiment that you find in your email as well as in Facebook etc. It's not the stuff so much that I don't like, it's the way you're practically blackmailed into participating in the mess. You know the technique: "Send this to your friends, and send it back to the person who sent it to you to show that you appreciate them." (Hon, if you don't know I appreciate you, then either you're dense or I'm abstruse.) "If you believe in this, Like this post and share with your friends." (Insinuating that, if I don't obey, then I don't believe in helping starving children or the handicapped or war veterans, or something else equally, ahem, radical.)

I may agree with the philosophy or sentiment, or find the cartoon funny, but I will not succumb to being coerced to spread the thing through my mailing list. For one thing, my mailing lists include a wide variety of people, all of whom, I do assume, would rather keep their email and social media free of useless fluff. For another, I resent any attempt by any person to coerce me to do anything. So if you've run across something that you thought I'd enjoy or smile at, great, send it along. I often do enjoy and/or smile at them, because I have cool friends. But don't expect me to respond by being an Internet pusher.


The key word is "sometimes". Even I do it sometimes, if I find it particularly funny/interesting/charming. Some things deserve to go viral. Most don't, and if you don't forward things in response to the blatant coercion, but rather in response to your own feelings, then that's OK!