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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

This is my apology to all my friends, who are probably wondering if I've died. I have not touched my computer for the last several weeks, except to look up something I need immediately, like the weather or a phone number. I haven't looked at my emails or my LJ.

I am overloaded right now. Anyone who has a spouse or roommate knows that you can get a lot more time to do things you need/want to do when they aren't there. Randi is always there, and I make her meals, so now we eat at the same time as well, which takes away even more time that I might have normally spent on things like watching shows she doesn't like or playing video games or getting onto my PC. I haven't watched any Game of Thrones this season; I've only watched one of the new Sherlock episodes; my third Regency romance was released and I haven't updated my website with the news. And of course I haven't written anything.

Basically, I leave for work at 4:50 and get home around 6:30. When I get home, I'm drained (no AC in the car, an hour and a half driving, much of it in bumper-to-bumper traffic, in a Texas summer - need I say more?). I sit for about 15 minutes to cool off, and then it's off to make dinner for me and Randi. Then it's feed and water the horses. Then a break to watch something for an hour or less, then let the horses out of the barn, feed and water the cats, dogs, and birds, and prepare breakfast and lunch for the next day for Randi and me. Then I get into bed about 11:00, and get up 5 hours later to do it all again. Work is hard, too, because they made me the interim Education Coordinator, which means I'm having to scramble to learn and perform a (difficult) new job. Every other Saturday I have to grocery shop for two people (which seems to be more than twice that for one person), and Sundays I do my usual chores, like laundry. So I only get a real break every other Saturday, for a few hours that aren't involved with meals for the household, and that isn't long to get anything done, especially since I tend to take naps or do mindless things just to give myself a break.

I'm not looking for sympathy here, folks, so don't give it, or I'll feel bad. Lots of people have it harder than I do. I'm only asking for two things from y'all: forgiveness for ignoring you, and understanding that, although I'm not around, I still think about you and care for you.

I will return, although it might not be until the heat backs off a bit. When it's cooler, I'll be better able to handle what I have to do. And of course Randi will improve, although her progress is very slow. Don't give up on me!!!


Sounds like you have as much as you can handle right now, and that you're doing a good job handling it. ♥

I hope you know that you are often in my thoughts and prayers, and that I do, indeed understand the magnitude of your busy-ness.

Looking forward to seeing you back whenever fate wills it.

And I keep that candle burning ... *hugs*
I haven't given up! I figured that you more than had your hands full right now and you'd reappear when everything was easier to manage. I'm just going to keep sending you the occasional e-mail about awesome things! Don't worry about responding. It's usually just stuff I want to share.

You're awesome.