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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Here I am again. Ha - miracles never cease. And guess what? I'm writing! A little. On Prelude.

I've made some decisions about my writing which may sound trivial, but are pretty important to me. I mean, not important like my friends or family or animals or even job, but still important.

1) I'm going to do Nano this year if it kills me. The reason? I mean, besides the fact that I love it. Every year I've said to at least one person, usually several, something along the line of, "It doesn't matter if you don't 'win'. What matters is that you did it, 50K or 30K or even just 10K. Doesn't matter, you tried, you jumped in and walked the walk, and that makes you a winner." I would look pretty stupid now if I kept out of Nano because I was pretty sure I'd make about 25K at most. Now wouldn't I?

2) I'm not going to pursue getting an agent and a traditional publisher for my Regency romances. I am going to say something horrible here, so I hope nobody who's affected by this comment actually reads it, but here it is. If I invest time and attention to promote the Regencies, then I'm going to have to become more active in the romance world. You know, join the forums, join Romance Writers of America, etc. I've been to these places, online; those people insist that the romances are well written. Now, certain authors in the field do write well. Many of them don't write well but still write enjoyable books. But 90% of romance novels are simply bad. I don't mean content, exactly - I'm not a snob that way. Just because it's a simple story of boy meets girl doesn't make it trash. I mean they are badly written, sometimes so badly that I give up around page 20 in pure disgust, after a half hour of reading and muttering, "Dangling participle. Unclear antecedent. Show, don't tell. Oh, let's try a coincidence, just for fun. Awkward, awkward dialog. Transitions don't need to be in great detail - I don't care if she brushed her teeth after breakfast. Mary Sue alert! Argh, yet another 29-year-old gorgeous millionaire who (say what?) is still single." I just can't see myself being so hypocritical as to pretend respect for the genre. I like the genre, but I do not respect it. So I'll stick to my ebook publisher and not worry if only 10 people read my books.

3) The corollary to the above is that I am going to turn my focus to getting an agent for my fantasies.

4) I am going to try to finish some stories that languish on my computer, but are still very good. This long hiatus has not been a waste. I can see much more clearly the through-line for the plot of last year's Nano, and if I can just tweak a few details and then keep the story following that line, I think it'll be a good, strong story. I even see the subplot more clearly for the protagonists. I also need to rewrite the ending of Redhand, and I can see more clearly what I have to do there, as well.

5) But first, I'm going to finish Prelude, if I can. I can see plot points in that story more clearly now, too, and I believe I understand Julia even better.

As far as the rest of my life goes, well - the temperature is about 95 still, I'm still in that interim position that's piling on huge stress, and my roomie still can't get around enough to leave the livingroom, except to get to the bathroom. But you know what? I'm dealing with it all, and I've stopped reeling in shock, so I'm back online.


I just assumed you did Nano every year.

Nice to see you're trying to get all the writing organized. So far, it sounds very ambitious, and all the luck to you.

I don't read much romance, so I just assume I won't like it and I don't like wasting time on books I won't like.