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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I had such an unusually nice day yesterday that I thought I'd post about it. It'll be a nice change of pace from the constant whining that I'm not posting. *g*

As far as work and household chores, those were unchanged. The good stuff came from other people.
  • When I was trying to set up a schedule of interviews for the fellowship applicants coming tomorrow (!), one of my clinical faculty volunteered. He's never volunteered before, but when I begged asked him this time, he agreed. Then, impulsively, he came over and gave me a quick hug and said, "Just for you, Kathy."
  • Between the South Campus and North Campus is a flyover bridge where a shuttle bus runs, and St. Paul Hospital (where I'm currently, temporarily, residing) is one of the stops. However, although it's a long walk between South Campus and St. Paul, it's not a bad one, and it was a nice day yesterday. I was hauling a computer and decided that, instead of loading it on the wheelchair ramp on the shuttle (and keeping the other shuttle passengers waiting), I'd just walk. I usually do that - since my surgery, as I've gotten healthier, I often do things just because I can. As I was walking along, the shuttle bus pulled up beside me and stopped. The driver leaned out and offered to load the computer on the ramp for me, right there in the middle of the flyover. I said I'd keep walking, as it wasn't far, but that was the first time any driver has done that, and I thanked him with enthusiastic appreciation.
  • While at the South Campus, I visited my supervisor. Now, Deb is, hands-down-no-joke, the best supervisor I've ever had, even rivaling Shirley at Love Field. Because I've been doing this interim job for months instead of weeks, we agreed I should get a bonus. She tried to get me one, was turned down, and went to the department a second time to plead my case. That didn't work either, but she offered me, in return, 3 days off without it being charged against my vacation hours.
  • Also at the South Campus, as I headed to my old office, I noticed a new office for "Training". I figured that might be related to my job, and a lady was at the desk. I thought it might be Christina Scarborough, who has been an immense help to me in this job, in many ways and on several levels. So on the way back, pulling the computer along, I stopped and asked if she was Christina. She said no, she was Margaret (don't know her), but she could take me to Christina. I demurred, not wanting to waste her time, but she thought it was a great idea for me to visit Christina. "She'll love it," she tells me, and leads me around the corner. Lugging the computer, I was a bit dismayed by a short set of stairs, but Margaret said, "You go ahead, I'll watch your computer for you!"
  • So... I visited Christina, who turned out to be delightful, and, as Margaret had promised, delighted to meet me. She gave me an excellent compliment, telling me that she was sorry I wasn't considering keeping the position, because she believed I was great at it. She said she rarely sees anyone who "jumps right in and takes over" like I have. All pleased with that compliment, when I got back to my office, I emailed Deb and said I'd gotten a smile for the day, and told her what Christina said. Deb not only was pleased, but she emailed me back to say she'd put a note about it in my permanent file!
  • When I got home, there was a package for my roomie. It turned out to be the kit for the quilt she's going to make for me! (She's really bored, folks.)
There were lots of little things, too. People were unusually nice in the elevator and on the train and bus, and I even had someone back off and let me change lanes in front of them on the highway. Paris went into her crate in the morning without being urged. The horses behaved themselves like perfect babies, and there wasn't much water to do, so I got done at the barn quickly. The stray cat that I refuse to feed, who makes my evenings guilt-ridden with her meowing, was nowhere around last night.

It was almost like God said, "You deserve a break, Kat. All the work has to be done, I'm not going to take that off you, but here, I'll give you a little sunshine in your day."


I'm so, so happy to hear about all these good things happening in your life. No one deserves it more. I think you're right - there could be a little divine intervention happening, as often does when one goes through an extended trying (to say the least) period. It's nice to know that the Divine is working through people, as it usually does. It's also nice to know that there are lots of good people in the world, and that some of that well-deserved sunshine is coming your way! ♥