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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I did make an attempt to get to some kind of normal place where I wanted to be, but real-life has temporarily defeated me. These are the things I want to do:

#1 - Pay more attention to my friends and family

The rest, in no particular order ~
* Finish editing and publish my completed stories
* Finish my uncompleted stories
* Establish a regular writing routine
* Keep this journal up to date
* Do something with the blogs on my two author websites

I don't think those are huge ambitions. However, my life as a caretaker is unabated, which means that the only "me" time I get is a few hours every other Saturday. I could carve out some writing time every day, but creativity gets crushed easily when life is pressing you down.

I sometimes think it's karma. I've spent most of my life avoiding any unnecessary responsibility, thereby retaining as much freedom and me-time as I could, two things which are hugely important to my peace of mind. Now I find myself with enormous responsibilities both at home and at work. Sometimes I feel good about it, like I can handle it and ain't I just cool being able to cope with it all, being so important to everyone? But at other times I feel like I'm being crushed, like I'm in one of those machines that compresses a car into a cube. Most of the time I just feel tired and at the end of my rope.

Well... life sucks and then you die, as the saying goes. I just hope that I don't die before I retire. Retirement is my reward for all these years of working and for this year of slaving. I deserve it. I'd better get it. And it had better be good.

I am hoping that in a few months I can look back on this post and say to myself, "Damn, you sure were feeling whiny back then, weren't you?"


Sucks that things have been going so rough lately. I just assumed you were busy.

I know I get whiny at times - I think it's cool to just have a place to vent. Besides, sometimes life gets in the way of your plans, but the way I see it is that it's not usually failure so much as an unforseen setback.

And dangit, I'm still working on my nano from last year - as in, still finishing the draft but, I've been kinda focused on other projects I like better.
Hang in there. You'll make it through. And you're not whining - whining is only applicable to trivial stuff. This is major stress.

You're still my favorite sister WOW. ^_~

*massive hugs*