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whatever happens

April 2017

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smile makes people wonder

This is just to prove that I'm still alive, in case anyone is wondering. My life is toddling along in a slow but steady (and very boring) way. I had "the crud", as we call it here, but I'm pretty much over it now. Otherwise, my roomie is still recovering, but slowly, so I still have the chores to do, and I'm basically still just going to work, coming home, feeding everyone, sleeping, and doing it again, with miscellaneous chores on the weekend.

I am back at my old job, at my old desk, and I'm much happier, if busier.

Randi and I have embarked on watching a bunch of old series (70s-80s), including S.W.A.T., CHiPs, and Murder, She Wrote. On a more contemporary level, we are obsessed with NCIS: Los Angeles. On Friday I got Game of Thrones season 2, but I haven't had a chance to begin it, yet - without careful planning, I rarely get more than an hour or so of "me time" during the week. I'm finishing a old series called Return to Treasure Island (Brian Blessed as Long John Silver, and I've never seen better), and then I plunge into GoT and will probably not emerge for days. I wish that "watching seriously interesting television" qualified as a reason for taking time off work!

All my animals are healthy.
We did have a minor horse problem. Rose was not finishing her meals, and she was acting nervous. When she didn't eat all her food, I couldn't leave it in her food bucket (Magic sticks her head in and tries to eat it), so I was putting it in a bucket that we used to use for water in the stall. Rose is so neurotic that I didn't think anything of her nervousness, but the other day I went into her stall with her food, and what do I find in that old water bucket but a possum. He was about the size of a large cat (his head was about 7" long), and he glared up at me with his mouth open, showing all his little teeth. Unintimidated - after all, I've been threatened by a possum about 4 times that size - I leaned over and yelled, "Get out of there! Get OUT of there, you son of a bitch!!" This had no effect, so I tried it louder and with more authority: "Get OUT OF THAT BUCKET, you SONUVABITCH, or else!" He decided to choose "else" and just growled at me. By then I'd thoroughly lost my temper, so instead of sensibly withdrawing, I said, "Fuck you", then tipped the bucket over. Out he spilled, and he ran off. Rose hasn't been nervous or left any food in her bucket for days now, so I guess I scared him. *wicked grin*


I don't know why, but that possum story made me smile. One of the medics is giving away bunnies (hers were supposed to be two males, lol) so stories like that are so tempting. I miss having a pet.

Glad tou're okay and randi is doing well.