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whatever happens

April 2017

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want to kill the monkey

Life is never easy, is it? Not even the easy stuff.

So... I finished Return to Treasure Island and then, with great glee, plugged Game of Thrones Season 2 into my PS3. I sat down to enjoy myself. Ha. Up pops some message saying I have to authenticate something, and therefore must upgrade my PS3 software. WTF???

I go to the PC and look it up. There are two ways to upgrade, 1: using the Internet, and 2: using media. My PS3 is not connected to the Internet. Until this day, I had no need to connect it to the Internet. No matter what the tech businesses today believe, everyone in the whole fucking world isn't wired up the ass. I don't use Internet features on the damned thing, I only play games and Blu Ray movies. I don't have a wireless router (they don't work in my house - no, really, they don't, because the internal walls are not drywall, they are all solid hardwood). The only long ethernet cable I own is being used by my roomie, and it's way too hard to dig it out from behind the furniture just for one task.

So, option 2. I follow the instructions and copy the file properly to my external hard drive. Plug it in, and "oops, can't find it". snarl

OK, so, copy it instead to a flash drive. "Aha, found it, upgrading... upgrading... stop dead, file is corrupted". I downloaded it again, and got the same result.

At that point, even though Saturday is my day of rest and I was exhausted and in pain, I got in the car (fueled - me, not the car - with a hefty dose of rage-induced adrenline), drove to Walmart, and bought a Blu Ray player with money I don't really have and will sorely miss at the end of the month. Came home, fed the horses, had dinner, and set the thing up. Warned the disks that if they didn't play, I'd return them for DVDs, and if they asked for some kind of authentication code, I was going to make a $40 pile of plastic shards alllll over the room.

They played. I am now going to sit and watch the show. Finally.

"Nothing's ever easy, is it?" - Sgt. Miller, Force 10 from Navarone


Argh! Nothing is more frustrating then wanting to watch/play something and have the player BUILT FOR THAT PURPOSE refuse to do it. I've wasted hours of my life on this.

Fair warning, you will always have this problem with anything that plays Blu-Rays. They all require periodic firmware updates to play the newest discs. It SUCKS and it usually makes the player work worse than it did before, but I've never found a way around it.

At least I know in this case that the show will be completely worth it. It was a great season.
Thanks for the warning. I'll pick up an internet cable for this nonsense, since I now have two BluRay devices. Of course, I know what will happen - I'll plug in the cable, and the device will come back with "Now you have to input your Internet settings" and demand a bunch of stuff that I don't know anything about. *sigh* I'm glad you are also frustrated, or I'd feel as if I'm too old for modern technology.

I've managed to see two episodes (the new player - SO FAR - works fine), and you're right, it's a pleasure. Peter Dinklage is the undoubted star right now, and I love it.