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whatever happens

April 2017

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Obi-Wan-The Force

I'm a pauper again, but a happy one.

My Kindle should be here tomorrow, or maybe the next day.

My VCR arrived today, and it's set up and ready to go. Now I have to get off my lazy, tired ol' butt and start using it for what I originally intended it, to wit, duping my VHS tapes onto DVDs so I can make room on my bookshelves for, oh, lets say, BOOKS. And more DVDs/Blu Rays. I have hundreds of VHS tapes, and nearly all of them have 6 hours of recording on them, so I'll be busy. I'm not going to record everything - much of it I either already own in DVD or I have lost interest in. But a lot of it is series TV that I simply can't get on DVD for any price (Q.E.D. and Wildside come instantly to mind).

I picked up my laptop on Friday night, and believe it or not, I didn't get it fixed to my satisfaction until yesterday evening. Windows 8 is a bitch doesn't suit my style of computer use - I am rarely on the Internet and HATE any finger to touch my monitor. Of course, I had a lot of programs to load, too. I will only use it at work, during lunches, to play games and to write, but I have lots of games, so it took a while to download some. Downloading is slow here. Did you know that Windows 8 doesn't include Solitaire and Minesweeper?? They're in the XBox 360 game set, but since I don't have an XBox nor any desire to play games online, I deleted that app, so, oops, no Solitaire to play while I waited for downloads to complete. I read a book instead.I deleted or unpinned nearly all the apps on the Start screen, then put my own on in my own groups. I find the Charms bar nice if I could just get rid of that freakin' enormous clock, which seems to appear if I even breathe on the thing. The laptop itself is a Toshiba and has a very pretty, clear screen. Plus I now have 6GB of RAM instead of 500MB, so my games play a bit quicker. In fact, everything is quicker. I haven't yet gotten used to the large area under the keyboard, but the keyboard itself has a good feel.

OK, shutting up now.

I introduced my roomie to Into the West today. She liked it but remarked that it was odd. I think that, once she has absorbed it, she'll love it as much as me. Oh, and I finally got to watch The Hobbit! Some of the dwarves look more human than dwarvish (and two are quite nice to look at), but I don't care, I loved it anyway. Martin Freeman was even better than I expected, and my expectations were pretty high after Sherlock. I am so glad they rebuilt Hobbiton for a permanent tourist trap!! I must get to New Zealand somehow.