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whatever happens

April 2017

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bring me that horizon

We have a new car!! After two Texas summers without air conditioning, I'm not going to pant-and-sweat all the way home, then fall on my face in heat exhaustion, every weekday for four months. Randi and I both knew that I'd never make it, not with all the extra stuff I do when I get home, so we made the jump and put ourselves in debt for the next five years. I'm not sure when I'll be able to buy a DVD or video game again, But it's worth it. Besides, riding in the Honda Civic was killing Randi.

Our poor, faithful Honda. We bought her new in 1998, and it had 339K on her with no major repairs. But the AC was shot, the speedometer didn't work (without changing speed, I was doing 40, then 120, then standing still, so I used the tachometer to gauge my speed), the inside light was broken, the auto door lock was broken, the driver's seat had worn down so much that I could feel the springs (or whatever), the radio didn't work, the cassette deck didn't work, the trunk leaked, and she had hail damage and a big dent. Still, I cried when I left her behind on the lot.

But I have to admit, I love the new car. We call her Twinkle (yes, we name our cars), and she looks pretty much like this (except she has bigger wheels and a small spoiler on the back) :

Not only does she have AC, but she has tinted windows. I've discovered that I love tinted windows. She has a bunch of other cool features that I won't bore you with, but one thing I appreciate is a 5-star safety rating. Besides the usual seatbelts and airbags, she has steel bars in the doors; in a front-end collision, the engine will drop so that it doesn't end up in my lap; and in a rear-end collision, the head rests move forward to minimize whiplash.

I spent all weekend tweaking everything until I got it how I wanted it. hee. The space is amazing - it's like I'm driving a spaceship or something. Yes, she's a funny-looking car, or so people say, but I think she's so ugly she's cute.


Congrats on the new car!!

And while I do nickname other people's cars, I refer to mine as My Little Accent - cuz it's puny and great on gas, really.
I LOVE your new car, and I'm SO relieved that you now have AC. Twinkle is the perfect name for her, and yes, I name my cars, too. All the cool kids do it. ;)