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whatever happens

April 2017

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smile makes people wonder

The other subject that occupies my mind right now (besides Twinkle) is the anticipated bliss of RETIREMENT! Yeah, baby. I've already done most of my paperwork. I gloat gleefully at every opportunity, which is not making me real popular with my co-workers.

I will really miss a lot about this job, especially the co-workers. But that's not gonna stop me from getting out, no sirree bob! *dances around* The most blissful thought? Sleeping in. Every. Single. Day. No alarm clocks. That's my idea of heaven on earth right now.

I've given a lot of thought about how to fill in the monetary gap between Jan 31, when I retire, and Dec, when my social security will (hopefully) begin. I thought about coming back here twice a week, but they can't guarantee that on a reliable basis. I thought about doing part time work (I'm only allowed, by the terms of the retirement, to work a max of 20 hours a week) closer to home, but that means probably Wal Mart or Dollar General, and I run screaming from that thought. I finally decided this: since I get paid for any unused vacation days, I can stop taking days off and save up the hours. Then I can split up the lump-sum payment and use that to pay myself extra every month. I'll have to be frugal, oh yes, verrry frugal, but I will be able to sleep in every day. hee.

But just to show y'all how bad I am, I have this little countdown on my desktop:

Yeah, I'm bad.


I wouldn't say that's bad at all - that's great to look forward to. Besides, when I retire, I want to be done or be the person people go to when things go horribly wrong. That's about it.