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whatever happens

April 2017

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I have to replace my MP3 player. It's a SanDisk Clip, and it works fine except for one leeeetle problem - it doesn't allow you to fully set the headphone jack, and then, when you've inched it into the exact spot where you can hear the darn thing, all you have to do is wiggle the cord too hard, and no sound. For a person who mostly listens while in the car or on public transportation, that's just a tad inconvenient. Picture me staring down at the thing, carefully tweaking the headphone jack and then rewinding to where I left off, until a cop stops me for drunk driving or my bus or train leaves the station without me. Yeah, annoying. This is the only product so far that I've given one star on Amazon.

I've spent hours over the past few weeks trying to find an MP3 player that (a) is compatible with Audible, (b) is priced low enough to be remotely affordable for me, and (c) is rated well on Amazon and other sites. The final result? The only one I can find is an iPod Nano.

Those of you who have known me for a long time can probably imagine the shudder that goes through me at the thought of owning another iPod. (For those of you who don't know, let's just say that my experience with the iPod in the distant past has been horrendous.)

But I'm going to be stuck with it, I think. Arrrrgh. Back to the misery of iPods and iTunes and all that AppleCrappy.


I have a SanDisk Fuze, and I have the same problem with the headphones. It's very annoying, and I hardly ever use it because of it. Also, most of my audiobooks come from the library, and ripping them on to the computer and loading them on the Fuze is a nightmare, as they don't seem to want to play consecutively, and it's more clumsy to use in the car than just using the CD's. So, basically, I gave up on it.

Katie and Rachel both have had iPods for years (I'm pretty sure Rachel has a Nano), and they have not had any trouble, although I don't think they ever use audiobooks.
I remember the horrible experience you had with iPods and since then I also owned a real piece of crap stinker that didn't even last a year before completely melting down.

However, now I have a little red iPod Nano that takes a real beating and just keeps on ticking merrily away. I've dropped it, stepped on, gotten it soaking wet and on it plays. Easily the most reliable iPod I've owned. I can't guarantee you'll have the same luck, but I have no complaints.
LOL! I don't plan to drop mine, or step on it, or even get it wet - none of these fates has happened to any of my previous ones. I just wear them out. However, besides the smile you just gave me, I appreciate the dollop of confidence. Now, if I go ahead and buy a Nano, I won't open the box with the trepidation of a bomb disposal specialist.