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whatever happens

April 2017

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want to kill the monkey

I haven't been around much because my life has taken a change for the worse, and I don't want to be whiny. I'll keep this short to avoid the whiny thing.

For the last few years, I've had The Perfect Boss (for me), Deb, a gentle, fun lady who was exactly the right boss for the way I work. We got along great, I was valued, I worked my ass off, and I was happy. But Deb had to go to part-time and less stress, due to illness. So we got a new boss, Kim. She's The Boss From Hell. Not just for me - everyone in my office is planning to leave, and the only reason I'm not is because my retirement date is less than 5 months away. Kim can't seem to communicate, in word or email, without sounding like she's thinking, "You're an idiot, do it my way and do it now." She micromanages so much that she gives the term new meaning - on her 3rd day in the office, I had 64 emails from her. No, that's not a typo. She also takes over control of every task in the office, nagging us ("Is it done yet? Don't forget it's due in December. What's the status?") and telling us how to do things and how not to do them. She ignores the fact that I've been doing my job here for 18 years, and everyone else for at least 5 years. She throws orders and deadlines around without any idea how things work, nor does she listen with patience if you try to tell her. (She recently gave me a task to do that was actually, physically impossible, because she insisted on taking over creating itineraries and didn't check her facts.)

Her opinion of me is that I'm a slacker (yeah, me, the one who my previous two supervisors called "My Workhorse"), and she shouted at me to that effect three times in front of other coworkers. For the very first time in nearly 40 years of employment, I took a complaint over my boss's head and went to the department's HR person about that. I spend every day in a state of simmering irritation and anger (as does everyone else here), and she actually gave me a migraine two days ago.

We used to have a terrific office. We all worked together, got along with each other, settled squabbles amongst ourselves with ease, covered for each other, and did our jobs excellently. Now it's all fallen apart, in only a month. We can't even consult with each other without fearing Her Wrath, never mind have a little chat. We can't do our jobs properly or efficiently. We cringe and flinch every time she twitches. She smiles all the time, and it looks just like the smile of a great white shark.

I have managed to find a way to work with her without being shouted at, but as I said, underneath my smiling face, I'm fuming. Every day. Which is kind of fatiguing.

I can't wait until Jan. 31st. I swear, I'm going to spend all of February sleeping, eating, and watching movies. I deserve it!


"nobody home upstairs" - ROFL! Lord, that is so true! Thanks for the laugh, I needed it.

Most of my coworkers will probably be gone before I am.

And yes, you're right, good bosses are rare. I've only had three, in all my working years. And one of them went psycho on me, so really, I've only had two! But seeing what other people have gone through, I'm grateful for the ones I've had.
I'm sorry and angry that you're having to go through all of this stress right before your retirement. It would have been nice if you could have spent your last months there enjoyably. Perhaps this will make your retirement all the sweeter? Ugh, that sounds so syrupy; trying to find the positive in the negative is not always productive. Please take care of yourself. I don't want you to suffer any stress-related consequences so that you can't fully enjoy your retirement. *hugs* I am selfishly looking forward to February because perhaps then we can start corresponding again! I know the last couple of years have been rough on you. *hugs again*
It's sad to me that I've let the circumstances of my daily life force me into neglecting my friends. I sure am grateful to all my friends for not giving up on me. *HUGS*

You know what? You're right about this making my retirement look sweeter. Not only that, but it takes a lot of work off me - I had planned to do all sorts of filing and cleaning up before I left, so that I wouldn't leave the office in the lurch. Now I won't do that. I'll just throw out some stuff, leave the rest as it is, and leave with a grin and a wave.
Sounds like a good plan!

And no, real friends will not give up on you! Life can be exhausting enough without all the challenges you've been facing on a daily basis. If I lived closer (or, you know, had the ability to teleport *g*), I'd help in any way I could in a minute. But, since I can't, I figure the best that I can do is keep in touch every so often and not bug you, 'cause you know I'm here if you need me. *hugs*
If we had teleportation, I'd be constantly going to the east coast. *HUGS* (Isn't it great that you can't give a hug without getting one? hee)
I was definitely starting to worry about you, but I figured if something terrible had happened to you, Gale at least would know and tell me.

Your horror story... this woman's name isn't Kim Stokes, is it? The woman who completely destroyed our terrific workplace at BN was a monster named Kim and her methods were eerily similar to what you're describing. I'm so sorry you have to put up with those so close to getting out. It's terrible. :-(

*HUGS* Thinking of you!
I'd forgotten that you, too, had a Kim. But her name isn't Stokes. I have never been able to reconcile myself with the injustice of business (and politics, for that matter), where rewards always seem to come to the tyrannical, petty, and incompetent. I know a lot of people have bigger problems - after all, no one is herding me into a stockade and cutting off my arms with a machete - but the whole "It makes no SENSE" really bugs me. It didn't when you suffered it, it didn't when my roomie suffered it, and it doesn't now. At least, unlike you, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just 4.5 months. Not long now.

And thanks for the sympathy!