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whatever happens

April 2017

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Obi-Wan-The Force

I am weird, and I've been reading too much Stephen King.

It's like this. (I am announcing right now that this is a completely pointless and frivolous story, so you can feel free to skip it.) Audible.com has been offering The Great Courses, a series of university-level lectures on a wide variety of topics. So far I've listened to two lectures on the ancient Greco-Roman world, and also lectures on how to listen to great music, emotions and emotional intelligence, artful reading, and, currently, how to craft great sentences. (Told you, I'm weird.) But here's the story:

In the artful reading course, the lecturer asks the listener to stop part-way into a story and pose questions to yourself about the rest of the story. His specific example was Chekhov's (Anton, not Pavel) short story, "The Lady with the Dog". This womanizer at a resort sees and is fascinated by a young woman who is usually seen walking her little dog. He starts to follow her about, trying to get to know her. The lecturer asked us to try to imagine what happens next. Does Kat think something sexy? or sweet and romantic? or even something tragically Russian? Heck no. I got this clear image of the young woman, in a loose white coat, walking her dog and turning into an alley. The guy follows her in there to discover that she has stopped, with her back still to him. He advances hopefully. She whirls around, the white coat flaring, the leash still in one hand and, in the other, a long slim blade, which she thrusts deep into his chest. He stumbles back, hands cupping the flowing blood, staring at her in astonishment. She smiles, and he falls to the ground and dies.

Yeah. Too much Stephen King.



I like how you think, which kinda scares me. *grin*