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whatever happens

April 2017

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NaNo 2013

We got Twinkle replaced. The new one doesn't have a name yet, but she will. We got another Soul, just like Twinkle except in silver. After driving a rental car around (even if it was a really good car) for days, it felt like coming home when I got into the driver's seat of this one.

We've been blessed with kind people. The State Farm claims people and the Kia dealership people all did a lot to be sure that we'd get wheels again quickly and easily. Of course, ouch, our monthly payment went up, but at least we have a car again!

I'll tell you one reason we had to do this quickly. On Monday morning, my roomie talked to the salesman, and he had three Souls we were interested in, two white 2014s and a silver 2013. That evening I looked at the 2014 and 2013, and there was only one white one. This morning, around 11-ish, my roomie tells me we're going to take the 2013 and that we'd better hustle, because the last white 2014 was gone! (They still had two black ones, but no.) Whew.

Now we just have to see what our insurance company can do about getting someone else to pay for all this. With the car payment going up, I sure don't want the insurance payment to go up, too!


I'm sorry about Twinkle, but I'm glad you got a new car so quickly. *hugs*

I'm curious as to why you didn't want a black car. I currently have a white Impala named Pearl, and I love her, but I previously had a black Impala who really didn't have a name, although we occasionally called him "Black Beauty" or "The Black Pearl". I had him for a long time, and I loved him. :)

Well, I'm not crazy about the color black - on the other hand, I'm not crazy about white, either. But we ruled out black because (a) it shows dirt (we live at the end of an unpaved road, lots of dirt blowing into our driveway), (b) it doesn't show up at night (Randi is a fanatic about that, because I do a lot of night driving), and (c) black cars get really hot in Texas.

I had to smile at the fact that you name and anthropomorphize your cars like I do.
I figured it was either (a) or (c), but I hadn't considered (b), which is also a good reason.

I had to smile at the fact that you name and anthropomorphize your cars like I do.

All the cool kids do it! *g*