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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I guess I owe everyone a status report, as well as many many comments that I haven't done for my LJ friends. I got some truly beautiful Christmas cards from two of you, for which I am taking this opportunity to give you an overdue thank you. They were much appreciated and treasured. Even if I do feel guilty now! Guilt never stands in the way of me getting all gleeful and/or teary-eyed over what people give me.

I keep hoping that, after Feb. 1, I'll be back into my normal online presence, at least with my best friends. Who knows, maybe I'll even finish Prelude at long last. It's hard for me to tell what I'll do, since having free time will be something I've forgotten how to deal with. I plan to write, but I've got quite a few unfinished works, plus two finished ones that need polishing. So who knows?

I'll put the rest of this under cuts, to avoid taking up screen space for those who aren't interested.


I scared the dickens out of myself yesterday - I had blood in my urine, all day. Naturally I researched it, and concluded I had a UTI or bladder cancer. Spent a day in a (hidden) state of utter panic. But I'm back to normal today. Go figure. Personally, I think it had something to do with the enormous amount of chocolate candy I consumed over Christmas.

Other than that, I'm doing pretty good. Without the long, agonizing walk through the mud to the old barn (see below) twice a night, I have almost no back pain and I'm much less tired. I haven't had a single sinus headache or cold so far, which I chalk up to a friend at work giving me advice - to swab the inside of my nose with Bag Balm. My feet, which used to get so cold when I went to the old barn that they turned bright pink and were extremely painful to thaw, have been rescued by my friend Pam, who gave me alpaca socks for Christmas.


One month, 4 days, 5 hours, 14 min, 11 sec to go. I will lose my desk in mid-January and become a kind of floating trainer. I've been taking home my personal stuff for a few days and throwing out some stuff, so my desk is getting sparse. One good thing about That Woman is that I am making little effort to have everything in order and cleaned up (for example, old files). With my other boss, I'd be breaking my back to leave this place totally organized, but with TW, I don't care and am fixing only what I want to fix, only as much as I want to fix it. Saves me lots of time and effort! There's a good side for everything.

I'm a bit concerned about funds, but there are so many factors that I'll just wait to see what my actual income will be (on March 1) before I start to worry about it. Since my income will be cut around 50%, give or take (due to those factors), I may have to get part time work. But, as I've had pointed out to me, if I don't like the job, I can just leave. I'm considering signing up with Kelly Temps and also check out Texas A&M Commerce. Both are only about 20 minutes away, and after commuting 2+ hours each way for years, that feels like nothing. However, if I can live without working, I will.

I am still blissfully contemplating the bliss of sleeping blissfully until I damned well want to get up. I am also happily looking at all the housecleaning and reorganizing that I'll actually have the energy to accomplish. Seriously!


The new barn is finished, and although it has some problems, I've been able to use it for a couple of weeks. The difference in my health - both fatigue and pain levels - is profound. I've actually had some mornings when I've awakened cheerful and chipper. That's practically a miracle, as it's a huge understatement to say I'm not a morning person. The horses love the new stalls, which makes it a little difficult for me to get them out! There is some flooding in heavy rains, so on Saturday we are having the field near the new barn recontoured. Then, in bad weather, I'll be able to leave the horses in the barn overnight - it's warmer than the old barn, and it's easy (as opposed to near-impossible) to put in buckets of water and flakes of hay for them.

I got a new cell phone from my roomie for Christmas, and I'll be able to text more easily and also take pictures, so I'll actually try to use the thing. Anyone want to text me, once I've set it up?

I got lots of really good presents for Christmas. My roomie made me a bright and cheerful tote, a purse, and a full-size quilt. She's pretty amazing. One thing I'm looking forward to, when I retire, is helping her get better mobility. She gets around pretty well within the livingroom and her bathroom, but she's afraid to tackle any other room. She's terrified of falling, with good reason. With me there to support her, she'll have confidence, and I bet she'll get stronger really fast. Especially since I've already told her I plan to crack the whip. To be more exact, I say things like, "If you don't make it to the kitchen, you don't eat." *evil grin*

I'm still having fun playing Wizard 101 with my friend Pam from work. I wish y'all could meet Pam - she rocks, and not just because she plays W101. She's a source of boundless cheer, warm-hearted, bright, funny, and honest (she can take honesty, too, which is rare).

When I retire, I'll pretty much give up my Audible account, since I won't do much audiobook reading, but I expect to use my Kindle a lot. I love my Kindle. The Paperwhite is a big advance in reading comfort, IMO. Plus I need the room on my bookshelves for DVDs and games. hee.

I'm letting my hair grow because I don't want to have to cut it every other month.

That's enough to bore y'all for now!