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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I haven't written much in my LJ because there's not much to write about. Life has been slow and easy for me, and believe me, I am grateful for and happy about that. Ecstatic, in fact. I now face the horrors of trying to find part time work, but until now, I've done nothing productive except a little housecleaning. I am reveling in not having pressures on my time. I was going to say "not having to structure my time", but actually, I've fallen into a kind of daily pattern. I can't believe a whole month has gone by. Hey, it's true, time flies when you're having fun!

I just finished an Avengers binge after watching the 2nd Thor movie, and I got season 3 of Game of Thrones today (I dread the Red Wedding, I truly do). I'm also delighting in a rewatch of Nodame Cantible. I admit to not reading much (*blushcringe*).

My health isn't too bad, and I'm getting quite comfortably accustomed to my new teeth. My roomie is getting around a lot better - I got her up and moving on her new walker, which rolls around easily, and she's making trips to the kitchen now, with no trouble. All my animals are doing fine.

So now I'm all caught up with my deliciously boring life. I still hear from my ex-coworkers, and the situation there continues to descend further into Hell. I shall shortly be extremely poor, but I am so grateful not to be there.


Well, I'm sure you saw my thoughts on the second "Thor" movie and more specifically how crazy I am about Tom Hiddleston. I didn't know whether or not you were a fan of the Marvel movies, so I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoy them too!

Season 3 of GoT is their best yet, but the Red Wedding is even more brutal than it is in the books. On the awesome side though, you get Dany's triumph over the slavers and the perfection that is the portrayal of Jaime and Brienne. Remember I e-mailed you because I was so excited by how the two actors were getting it just right and I didn't have anyone to geek out to? Now you actually get to see what I mean. Yay!

You deserve some slow time more than anyone else I know! Glad you're enjoying it. :-)
I did see your comments on the 2nd Thor movie, and that's why I went ahead and bought it without knowing anything much about it. I love the Thor films and Capt. America's movie, and I'm OK with the Iron Man and Hulk movies. And, as I said, Avengers is one of my all-time favorites. I will say that what lifts these movies, to me, is Loki. Tom is so wonderfully, delightfully bad. Sexy, too.

I do see what you mean about Jaime and Brienne - there's enough of them in the 2nd season to prove you right, as you usually are. Geek away! Really, I can't find fault with the cast. It's nearly perfect. (Did I mention that Stannis Baratheon was Thomas Jefferson in "John Adams"? Really bent my mind for a bit.) I'm really looking forward to Dany's triumph. I didn't know that was in S3.