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whatever happens

April 2017

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where's the rum

I'm posting today just to remind everyone that I'm still alive and well. The last two months has felt like a long weekend. Boring life. I read, watch movies and TV, play Wizard101, do the laundry, feed the animals and my roomie, and occasionally clean up a thing or two. I don't go anywhere except to the grocery store once a week.

I love it. I am so contented.

My only problem is that my writing hasn't restarted itself, but my roomie says it'll probably take another few months before I wind down from the old job. I don't have part-time work yet, by the way. If I don't get it before the end of this month, I'll have to start dipping into my reserve funds. Not much money there, but I'm so happy with my life now that I'm passively-aggressively avoiding finding a job. I confess it. It is so glorious to have so much time that I can look at taking the dogs for their rabies shots, or going to the dentist and doctor (all three in my future this month), without the simmering rage that my precious free time is being consumed. I have lots of free time now.

Yes, I have little money. No problem. I can still afford the small luxuries, like movies and books. One thing that helps a lot is the gasoline bill. hee. It used to be approximately $250/month. Last month, it was $0. Yes, that's ZERO. *gleeful dance ensues*

I have barely begun all the good things I planned to do with all this time, like exercising, straightening the mess of my house, writing, etc. I don't care. Dammit, I've worked full time for 40 years, the last 15 or so under horrible conditions with a killer commute. I deserve this, and I'm going to enjoy it.

I'm still in contact with some of my ex-coworkers, and the situation with the PsychoBitch Boss from Poison Hell continues to deteriorate. It looks as if, finally, she may be removed from the position, but we'll see. We have no reason to trust the department. But that constant fear and frustration are out of my life now, except as it's affecting my friends.

So far, retirement is just as good as I believed it would be. Oh, the bliss of no alarm clocks, of being able to get to the post office to sign for a package, of setting a daily schedule according to my own wants, and most of all of being able to let go of the whole "I've only got 48 hours in the weekend" pressure.

So if anyone is wondering, read this and know that, so far, I'm happy and healthy (for me, anyway), and all my critters are healthy. My roomie improves constantly, slowly but always getting better and better. We mark her progress in tiny things, but the progress gets faster as she does more. It helps her immensely that I'm here, so add another plus to retirement.

My life just keeps changing. Which is just how it should be.

You know what's the best thing about this journal? Knowing that I've been blessed with good friends, wonderful people who might read it and actually smile at this non-news.


I'm SO glad things are going so well for you, and that you're content.

Here's hopes for a little money coming your way when you need it. I'll send prosperity thoughts, perhaps for a short-term temp job now and then, if you'd like. :)

It's wonderful that your roomie is improving. I'm sure it's really helpful having you there.

Annnnd, I know I owe you an email. Sometime soon, I hope.

Ah, this is the life! :-) You have plenty of time to get on with the plans. But I'd say you were entitled to some major down-time after so long in the work force!