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whatever happens

April 2017

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The Internet has become so annoying. What was once a source of knowledge and communication has been hijacked by the greedy. I can't search for a simple fact without having some salesmonster grabbing me and pulling at my attention like a hungry crocodile - and often more than one, until my poor mind is shredded and I give up my search with a snarl of frustration. Every site of possible free expression has been taken over. Pop-ups cover entire web pages, usually created in such a way as to be almost impossible to close. Ads are glued to everything, even YouTube videos. Like highways, where once freedom was expressed by vistas of scenery and now are made claustrophobic by clustered billboards screaming for your attention, the promise of the Internet has been polluted by the greedy fingers clutching at our meagre personal funds.

When did we become such a society of greed? When did we begin thinking it acceptable to draw every wandering eye toward ads meant to divert our money into desires, not needs, and into pleasures that are brief and leave a bad aftertaste? I know it happened long ago, for I recall being distressed by billboards blocking my view out the car windows when I was about 5 years old. Perhaps it was a cancer cell born with capitalism. I'm not anti-capitalism, mind you. It's the lesser of evils. I'm just sad that capitalism, like most political and economic philosophies, has consumed what is good, processed it, and turned it into shit.

(Believe it or not, I'm actually in a good mood. I just find myself less and less tolerant of things that waste my time and attention. Retirement has not mellowed me. It's simply given me more time to bitch.)


Thank you!! I'll go get that program right now!