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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I just watched a movie called Pompeii, about the obvious, with Kit Harington as a gladiator. Pretty good movie, and proof positive that Kit Harington has a body meant to bless a woman's eyes. OMG and whew, I was so revved, I actually did housework.

My horse, Rose, is unwell. We're not sure what it is, but she was walking extremely slowly (think 80 years old), very reluctant to move at all, running a fever, slightly dehydrated, and lethargic. I called the vet, of course, and he gave her a banamine and an antibiotic shot, as well as giving me powder antibiotic and paste bute to give her. She's still walking slowly, but not like she needs a walker, and she's otherwise much improved. The vet was one I'd never tried before, as our regular horse vet no longer can serve us (his practice doesn't make emergency or house calls) and we hadn't gotten a new one yet. I really like this vet, so we'll switch to him, but wow, he isn't cheap. Of course, it was an emergency call late at night (around 9:00), but the total was $615. ouch ouch ouch. Still, it was worth every penny. I wouldn't have been able to sleep, and I knew it would be expensive, because we no longer have a working trailer to take the horses to the vet, so we have to begin with about $150-200 just for a house call. Anyway, he said he believed she had a systemic infection, but just to be sure, he had his office call me in the morning to follow up and make sure she was responding to the meds. My roomie and I have concluded that she hurt her back somehow, and the combo of that plus the intense heat brought about the infection. At least I've been able to sleep.