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whatever happens

April 2017

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bring me that horizon

Many thanks to all of you who comforted me after my mom died. I am so, so grateful to have good friends. It heals my heart, as corny as that sounds.

My dad is doing well. They aren't even sure that it was a heart attack now, because his cardiologist says my dad's heart is beating like a 16-year-old's. We're thinking it was just stress. *cross fingers*

I get reminders of my mom all the time - for example, when watching football on Thanksgiving Day, I remembered how she used to gripe and grouch when we did that. Sometimes these make me sad, even cry, but I'm grateful I have so many good memories.

On the trivial side ~

There are two days of the year on which I do not want to be away from home: New Year's Eve and Black Friday. I think the reasons are obvious. Usually I can stay in my cave home, safe and quiet, but not today. Today, our microwave oven decided to kick the bucket. That meant that either (1) my roomie and I existed on sandwiches for a while, or (2) I brave Walmart on Black Friday. *shudder*

Walmart really wasn't too bad. (I got out alive, after all.) I didn't have to go near the electronics section, and I went around lunchtime, so although it was busy, it wasn't crowded. Of course, then I had to bring the damned heavy microwave home, which was made a mini-adventure by my shopping cart deciding to let the wind blow it all over the place, even out into traffic, until I had to put that heavy box on the ground so I could use both hands, both feet, and my general cussedness to get the thing to stick in one place. Then I pick the box up from the ground (ouch), load it in the car, get home, and have the fun of getting rid of the old microwave, bringing in the new one, and setting it up, which involved moving the microwave cart out and in again, as well as rearranging stuff and doing a little housecleaning. (Any excuse to throw things away and do the dusting, right?)

Now my back hurts, I've used more 4-letter words today than I usually use in a month, and I've scared the cats and dogs with my stomping around and yelling. But we have a shiny new microwave. A big plus - this one, I can turn off the blasted beeping!

On another note, I've finally gotten around to watching season 2 of Deadwood. Al is suffering from a kidney stone, and having just gotten past one, I am wincingly empathetic to his suffering. Makes me glad I don't have a penis.