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whatever happens

April 2017

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Well, off I go to the doctor again. This time, it's a retinal specialist. I believe I have a retinal tear. *sigh* I'll find out for sure on Tuesday.

Our vet wanted to check Kita for possible kidney problems, because she's a sister to Elphie, so I took Kita up there yesterday. She's completely healthy, I'm delighted to say. I thought the two dogs were young, but the vet checked her records, and they were born in 2004. So Elphie was 10 when she died, which makes me feel a little less sad, since 10 is a good age for a big dog like a German shepherd. Kita is in extremely good shape for a dog nearly 11, and I got praise from the vet for keeping her weight at a perfect level. I should try the diet I give the dogs on myself! It's very simple - if they're fat, feed less, and if skinny, feed more. LOL


I'm glad you're seeing a retinal specialist. I'm sure you know that a retinal tear can be serious if it's not treated. *hugs*

I'm glad that Kita is doing fine. *hugs again*
Until now, I'd never even heard of a retinal tear. However, since then I've read enough to know I need to get help quick. You wouldn't believe how hard it was to get an appointment! One doc only saw patients on Wed/Thurs, another wouldn't schedule me at all until I saw an ophthalmologist (and the ophthalmologists wouldn't see me, they just told me to see a specialist), and one wouldn't schedule me until February. I finally gave up, decided to drive to Dallas, and made the (Tuesday!) appointment at UT Southwestern. The drive will be bad, but I'll get to visit my old office while I'm there, and I know the doctors at UTSW are terrific.

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