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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

We have puppies!

I finally reached the point where I was able to move on after Elphie's death, and we decided to actively look for a pair of German shepherd puppies to replace her. Kita has been so lonely, we wanted to get her companionship as soon as I was ready. My roomie and I decided long ago that, when we got new dogs, it would be two puppies, because Kita is old, and we didn't want to have to go through it all again when she leaves us. Also, we wanted females, as they don't mark and hump, and we wanted German shepherds because we love the breed (these will be our third set of them). Anyway, on Monday I told my roomie it was time, and after some discussion, she set herself to making phone calls. (That's her job - I do all the physical work around here, and she makes all the phone calls. Which works very well for me, as I hate the phone.) Her very first call did the job. It was to Walmart, as she had heard through the grapevine that one of the employees had a single female German shepherd puppy. As it turned out, that person had four female puppies, two that were 4 months old and two that were 3 months old. The younger ones were more expensive, not because of their age, but because they had the saddle markings, which is more popular, whereas the other two were almost completely black.

So, we went to look at them on Tuesday. The two 4-month-old ones were outside in separate pens, and the moment the nearer one saw us, she came bounding up to the fence to jump up and lick my fingers. I went into the pen, and she bounded all around me, pounced on me, and tried to lick every inch of me that she could reach. When we got her sister into the pen with us, they romped and rolled around with each other, then came crowding all over me to invite me to play. Yeah, real standoffish dogs, these two.

Obviously, there was no need for discussion. I handed over the money, ran to Walmart for supplies, and then, with great difficulty, got them into the car. They rode well, but getting them out was an adventure, and we've been having adventures ever since. Thank God, they show no inclination to challenge the fence, but otherwise, working with them is like juggling while standing on one leg in a whirlpool, with the addition of being jumped on. These pups are so big, they can put their paws on my chest.

They are going to be a challenge to leash train, but while it'll be exhausting, it'll be fun. These two are the most people-friendly dogs imaginable. Every time I step outside, they come running to me as if I were the most wonderful thing in the world and they hadn't seen me in months.

They are mostly black, with some brown and cream, and they look so much alike that it's hard to tell them apart. Mine is named Taffy, and my roomie's is named Anika. I took a few pics to show you, but I had a hard time - first, because they are never still unless they're asleep, and second because my eyes are so bad that I can't see the camera screen. So there are only a few of them, under the cut.

Here's Anika:

Here's Taffy:

Here's the two of them together:

And here is Kita, visiting the pups when they're behind the gate:


Cuteness! I think you'll have your hands full, but it will be worth it. :) Glad you found some new happiness! ♥
They're beautiful! :-D And sounds like there will never be a dull moment with these two around! <3