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whatever happens

April 2017

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hard journey

Puppy Fatigue. That's what I have. It's a syndrome caused by owning puppies. Mine is major because I have two puppies who not only have the boundless energy of their age (if I could only package some of that!) but are also enormous and wildly affectionate. Every time I go out the front door, I'm saying something like this: "Hello, babies! Aw, good girls! Mama loves GET DOWN her babies STOP BITING my fingers are to be loved not eaten, now get out of the way, no, MOVE, thank you, no not that way!" and so on. It's a continuous adventure. To make it even better, Nika has discovered how to climb our fence in one spot, so I suffer Mommy Anxiety to go along with the Puppy Fatigue, continually wondering if that barking I hear is Nika trying to get back inside with Taffy and Kita again. Then there is the Kitchen Complication. We keep the dogs in the kitchen at night, due to the weather and also in deference to our neighbors, who, I am sure, don't appreciate barking dogs in the wee hours. The complication comes at dawn. When the puppies see daylight and want to go outside. And I WANT TO SLEEEEP. If I sleep, they pee on the floor and destroy things - so far, that includes cardboard boxes, a plastic juice pitcher, a smoke alarm (and its package, as it was unopened), bottles for drinks in the car, and various and sundry other items, all inedible despite their best efforts. I like to stay up late, so I generally go to bed at 2:00ish, only to be awakened at 7:00ish to drag my weary ass out of bed and let the dogs outside. Then I crawl thankfully back into bed until 9:00, at which time my roomie awakens me so she can have breakfast. (With my permission, of course - no one would dare to wake me without my permission except two idiot puppies.)

The problem is compounded by my age and the weather. The age thing is that, despite my vast improvement since the hip surgery, my balance is not very good, and the pups slam into my legs with gleeful abandon, from the front and the back and the sides, one at a time or both together. I haven't weighed them yet, but with velocity being considered, I'd say they weigh about 1500 lbs by the time they hit me. Then there's the bit about how they jump up and fling themselves in puppy-hugs against my chest. Yup, they're so big that their paws hit my chest, and every point from there down. And then there's the problem of trying not to step on their paws as I stagger about. Needless to say, and seriously speaking this time, this is all very dangerous to a person who could easily break a hip if she falls. That is, to me.

Then there is the weather. More specifically, the mud. We've had a long couple of weeks of heavy rain, ice, and snow. Three inches of snow in one night, in fact, with ice underneath, after a pair of deluges so deep that I considered building an ark. The result is that our entire 3-3/4 acres of land has been one big mud morass sprinkled with several deep ponds and occasional areas of grass or old, piled hay that are merely soaking wet. For the puppies, this means mud on their paws so that they can toe-paint their mom all over. For me, however, this is physically and literally dangerous. The mud is very slick, so I'm constantly slipping in it, including when I'm letting the horses into and out of the barn. The ramp up the front steps is also slick. So, essentially, every time I leave the house for any reason, I have to be alert, careful, and brave. Or determined, anyway. I wear a walkie-talkie to the barn, so I can quickly contact my roomie if I have an accident around the horses. This is more adventure than I want, even if I were 16 instead of 62. I have actually fallen once, on the porch, trying to keep from stepping on puppy paws while being hit by puppy bodies, but my fall was broken by some odds and ends on the porch, so, no broken bones, just bruises. Which still hurt, a week later. *sigh*

Dear God, please help the puppies live to adulthood. Please don't let them get out of the fence and get hit by a car. Please don't let me murder them.

OK, now that I've ranted and whined, here's a few other updates, if you're wondering about me:
  • I haven't been writing yet. Which is just as well, as I tend to go ballistic when my writing gets interrupted, and puppy interruptions occur at least twice a day. *slaps self for whining about puppies again*

  • My vision problem seems to have resolved itself. The floaters and sparklies and stuff are about 95% gone, and my opthal eye doctor says that, barring radical events, he won't need to check me again until next year. (Can anyone spell that word?)

  • My dad is doing better than I expected since the death of my mom. He's planning travel, going out to dinner with my sister at least once a week, and has even begun looking into a local widowers social group. I wish his health allowed him to golf. :(

  • My roomie continues to improve. At this point, if I had to leave for a few days, she could feed herself with little problem. I know that sounds small, but it's actually a huge step forward. She's getting ready to try walking with a cane in the next week or so, too. We both splurged and bought new chairs, recliners, and those have helped our back problems a lot. Plus, my brother gave us a medical bed that his son used after his terrible motorcyle accident. Eric is so improved that he didn't need the bed, so my brother brought it to us and set it up. It has been a godsend. It's comfortable for my roomie, which is amazing, so for the first time in years she is sleeping in her bedroom, in a bed, instead of her recliner in the livingroom.

That's all for now. Hope everyone reading this is having a more peaceful and pleasant life than I am, but with love in it, too. One last thing about the puppies: they adore me in the enthusiastic, whole-hearted way that only dogs and young children have. That's a wonderful thing.


Would I be horrible if I said I am quietly amused that the woman who has always said she didn't want children is experiencing a very similar experience to that of a mother with unruly toddlers? *evil grin*

I'm very glad that, other than your puppy aggravation/fun, and your Winter-from-Hell weather, and your Life-Sucking mud, things are going well for you and your loved ones.

I will email you eventually. ♥ Promise.

Edited at 2015-03-10 03:41 pm (UTC)
ROFL!! Not horrible, but insightful and funny! Darn if that's not how it is. God. How do mommies ever survive?